Hello everybody my name is Tony and i live in Key West Florida. My stats are as follow 6-1 340LBS down from 380 currently on a strickt diet that is working along with bike rides to and from work and at nights with friend. Im really looking to step it up and get a better bike here is a little info on my current setup and the type of ride do.

Current Bike Trek Pure DLX mods just the seat and Fatty simple tires
Current pavement and maybe a litle of road like a grave ally.

As you can see im a heavy guy but working on it. My local bike shop rep is working with me but im affraid he might get me hurt and i want a second op.He wants me to get into a Trek FX 7.5
this is a really nice bike but i fear is not strong to handle me safley? I really want a hybrid.

Bikes i am looking at right now
GrayFisher Montare
GaryFisher Utopia

Bike my rep wants me in Trek FX 7.5

Any information would really help me.

Should i even consider those brands My budget is around 800-1000us dollars hopefully i can find a complete solution without upgrading anything . Im open to other brands!

Thank You so much this is a great forum and a website!