So I have decided to get a new bike. I am currently on a 2005 trance that Ive been on the last 3 seasons. I have test rode a number of bikes.I feel that I have narrowed it down to a giant trance x2 or a remedy 7, perhaps 8. I would like to have fun doing the local xc races in the pacific northwest as well as trail rides. I weigh around 210-220 suited up and am looking for a bike that will actually last 5 years. I realize that the trance is likely much better for racing, has a better component spec for the price, and I have experience on one. However, the remedy feels awesome and with propedal on it seems to climb decent, albeit the test was on cement as my LBS did not want me taking it off road. Does anyone out there have any experience "racing" on a remedy?

P.S. I tested a fuel ex 8 and it felt chintzy.