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    My Story

    OK, I guess I haven't posted too much on here, so here goes. Some of this started as a reply to someone else a while back but I never posted it, so I edited it to just be my own thread. I just got back into biking after 15 years or so!

    At 6'3" and 265 last Nov. I decided enough was enough. Got our xmas pictures back and just HATED the way I looked. After being a cross country runner in high school... I was now getting ready to have to buy 40" waist pants. I was playing a few sports but still considered myself out of shape. I was paying for a gym membership I wasn't even using anymore! We had a awesome Mexico vacation with friends coming up and I decided to hit the gym instead of looking at the pictures the rest of my life and thinking how fat I looked! I used to focus on lifting and liked being a bulky/strong guy. But at 265 I was WAY weaker than I ever was when I was in my top condition at around 215!

    This time I decided my diet had to change to get some results (which still leaves a lot to be desired BTW) and started doing way more cardio at the gym.

    Easy diet changes I did:
    1. Quit keeping beer and pop at the house. Drank water instead. Gatorade occasionally after workouts/rides.
    2. Replaced my junk food snacks with carrots, celery, watermelon, reduced fat wheat thins, etc... (if hungry, I eat, but trying to be a little smarter)
    3. No fast food unless a LAST RESORT, and even then I get a grilled chicken sandwich w/ water to drink. A 6" Subway sandwich is as close to fast food as I get anymore unless out of town without other options.
    4. I now bring a Light yogurt to work for breakfast, have a banana about 10:30, then a sensible (smaller portion) lunch. I eat an apple about 2:30 and a granola bar (only if hungry) around 4PM. I find eating throughout the day has helped my portion control when I get home for dinner.

    By making these changes I found I didn't have to change my lunch/dinner habits as much. I don't want to eat 2 cups of boiled chicken or a can of tuna for dinner every night!

    As far as exercise:
    1. Started going back to the gym. 4 nights a week usually, 2 lifting/cardio nights, 2 cardio only nights.
    2. Switched from lifting heavy weights to more reps of lighter weights.
    3. Focused more on a circuit training regimen. One exercise right to the next, no long rest!
    4. Find a way to exercise EVERY day. I figured even if you only go walk (or run) a mile after dinner, it's better than sitting on the couch. I find even now, I get the urge to eat when I'm being lazy despite not being hungry! I have to keep myself busy.
    5. Since I totally plateaued a couple months ago, I've added in a 6 mile bike ride before going to the gym a few nights a week. Riding on the weekends, etc... Or I'll go to the gym and do cardio BEFORE going to my hockey games. Trying to mix it up.

    I lost 35 pounds in a little over three months and felt so much better. I noticed the change immediately when I was playing hockey! Others even comment how much better I'm skating/playing! Went from needing to buy 40" pants back down to 36" and even one pair I bought was 34". No more XXL shirts, my XL's fit just fine now.

    Currently I am still TOTALLY plateaued (since late FEB!) at about 230lbs. I want to lose about another 15 pounds, but I'm not in any big hurry. I notice my biking is steadily improving. Making hills noticeably easier. Going further and feeling like it's an easy ride.

    In an effort to break through the wall I've hit I decided to sign up for Livestrong's daily plate today. I'm actually concerned that I'm not getting enough calories for my activity level now. I have been keeping a daily food/weight journal since Nov. but not tracking calories or anything. So I might try and go back and enter in all of that to Livestrong.

    Hopefully something will get me over the hump soon. Trying not to get frustrated looking at the scale. I know that's a bad indicator, but can't help it.

    At a friends house the other night I did try one of these hand held body fat analyzers:

    If I remember right it said I was a little over 19% body fat. I guess maybe that isn't too bad, and we had just finished dinner and even had a margarita!

    Just wanted to say, I've really enjoyed reading everything in here, and am loving getting back into biking! I hope to meet my new goals and just love getting back into the exercise groove. We have a baby due in Sept, so I'm sure that will be a new challenge to my waistline. I'm sure I won't be able to keep up quite the same exercise schedule anymore. My diet may become even more critical.

    Here's some before/after pics:

    Last spring on our Alaska Cruise:

    Me in Feb in Mexico:
    (I might have been sucking in the remaining "gut" a bit in that pic) ;-)

    (Remember, these are vacation pics, so just ignore the beers/cigars, etc....)

    Still a clyde, but I'm OK with that (for now).

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    Wow, that is awesome! Congrats on your transformation. You look great!

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    You're doing great! It does sound like you're not taking in enough calories, or enough protein. The Daily Plate is great, and if you stick with it, you'll definitely lose that last 15lbs. Good luck & keep up the good work!
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