I used to mountain bike up until about 5 years ago....I had some hip issues that finally got resolved by hip resurfacing surgery.

I am 6-3 about 320 now and used to ride before at about 290. I want to get back into the sport and lose the weight.

I have a Gary Fisher Excalibur that my son is "borrowing" at the moment and might buy. It has the rear wheel spokes crossed to enhance strength. My dealer has since retired and got out of the business. I am looking to get a new bike but wondering if I should just take my Gary Fisher frame and upgrade it.

From scouring the forum, I am not sure if I need/want 29 inch wheels. It appears double wall wheels will help. I think a lockout on the shock would be wise from what I read.

I am looking at spending $1000-$1500. I don't plan on doing crazy things since its not a good idea to fall on a hip now. I will be doing fire roads, non-=technical single track, etc.

Also, I am 6-3 but most of length is in my torso. My inseam is only 33". I know in the past, I felt like I was lean over the handles bars when I rode. I guess my point is, I believe frame geometry will be key to how it fits.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed.