Just a fast question, I am about 270 pound at 6'7" tall, I pack my bike down with about 60 pounds and the my trailer is loaded with about 100 pounds. I live off my bike, meaning I have no home, I only ride around Europe camping out and enjoying life, sometimes I sit still for three months (Italy over the winter) or sometimes I am just moving every day through trails or road conditions.

I am not trying to drop any weight by any means, I would like to get up to 300 pounds.

That said could a Rohloff handle this kind of load? As it stands now I chew through a chain & cassette about every three months. This winter when I get to Italy I will buy a new bike as mine has been living this lifestyle since 2004 and I have broken everything but the frame many times over again, plus my bike is some what small on me.