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    Jerseys, what are you guys wearing

    Hey guys,

    I am starting to get into some clyde races this year, and I would like a jersey but the idea of a tight jersey plastered with companies logos all over it dont sound to appealing. I ride a custom made Steel hardtail, (so no company jersey)

    I dont want to feel like I am about to race in the tour de France but also dont want to feel like I just rode up and have no idea what I'm doing.

    I have come across some of the Primal wear jerseys, but not sure some are a bit extreme.

    Just wondering what you guys are wearing.


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    This outfit has several jerseys that are quite so much of a screaming billboard, but you'll have to sift through them to find which ones are available in clyde sizes:

    Specialized has a few relatively subtle designs, with some that aren't quite so form fitting, and come in sizes up to XXL.

    These are available in sizes up to XXL:

    These are simple jersey material t-shirts for $9.99 and available in sizes up to XXXL:

    I wouldn't worry too much about appearances. We are who we are. Just wear what is comfortable for you.
    This is my recent 'first race' experience:

    I entered my first race a couple months ago and since it was my first race ever, I signed up for a beginner open age class. Being 52 years old and weighing 260lbs and racing in an open age non-clydesdale class at a place I had never ridden, I figured that if I finished I would be happy and if I didn't finish last, I would be ecstatic.

    I lined up at the back of the group (wearing my usual baggy shorts and solid color loose fitting jersey and a camelbak instead of water bottles) so I wouldn't impede the faster riders and would spare others the task of trying to get around me as I just wanted to go, ride, finish, and have fun. Much to my surprise, many of the riders were struggling more than I was getting up a small hill at the beginning of the race that led to a singletrack section. I decided to go ahead and pass who I could so I wouldn't get stuck behind tham on the singletrack. I picked off several riders right at the beginning without trying too hard and then got onto the singletrack.

    We came up on a section where you couldn't quite see what was right ahead and a few riders just stopped and pulled off the side of the trail. I distinctly remember two guys that looked like fully kitted road racers whose eyes were as big as saucers looking terrified at what lay ahead. I decided to go for it and it was just a somewhat steep kind of lumpy downhill section but wasn't that bad, so I picked off a few more there.

    Soon we were on an open section of more or less level fire road and I could see that five riders were ahead of me, but quite a ways ahead of me. Being on 29" wheels, I felt like this was going to be a good section for me and kicked it into high gear. I was able to run down another rider and left him far behind where the course got into some more climbing and tighter twisty terrain and I could no ,onger see those ahead of me and decided to just ride within my capabilities.

    When we came out onto an open plateau, I could see that I had actually gained ground on the four riders ahead of me in a part of the course what I figured was going to be my achilles heel; climbing. The next part of the course was a twisty, kind of sandy, really fun, descent where I passed some riders from a class that was started a few minutes ahead of mine. It took a while before they I found a place to pass without being an a-wipe so I lost some time there.

    Now, this is where the fact that I had no idea where I was going, bites me in the ass. At around the 2/3 point in the race, I missed a really sharp turn and I kept going on what was now a fire road and ended up heading into the finish line area. As I cross the line, I hear "We have a winner!". . . . . . . Huh?!?! I know there were four guys ahead of me and I hadn't passed them.

    I talked to one of the organizers and we determine I probably missed a turn. He escorts me the mile plus 'ride of my own shame' back to the point of my error and I continue on so I could at least finish. I ended up passing one rider that was in my class on this section so I actually didn't finish last

    Racing is not really 'my thing', but I went because one the crew I ride with regularly is moving soon and we figured it would be a fun sendoff. I had a good time, actually did far better than I thought I would, at least until I blew that fateful turn (that racers in other classes ended up missing too) and felt especially good that I didn't finish DFL.
    The point of all this is, just go and have fun. Don't be too concerned that you might look like you don't know what you are doing. Try to learn from the experience, don't ride over your head and just let the chips fall where they may. I hope you have fun and that you'll come back with a 'race report'.

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    The jerseys from Troy Lee Designs are quite big (probably since they're meant to be worn over padding). I got an XXXL GP jersey that is almost my size (and I'm huge - 6"2, 390 pounds).

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    Quote Originally Posted by iloop
    The jerseys from Troy Lee Designs are quite big (probably since they're meant to be worn over padding). I got an XXXL GP jersey that is almost my size (and I'm huge - 6"2, 390 pounds).
    Does this thing fit ok? Im looking for a jersey. im about 360.

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    I wear motocross jerseys, none of my lbs ever carry any xxl, or 3x stuff and i am not comfortable buying something i cant try on.

    i hit my local motorcycle dealers and look at their motocross gear. usually have some bigger stuff and they run with larger cut. i have 2 thor jerseys i picked up for $15 each and a nice rockstar jersey i paid $30 for

    they are long sleeve but are well and ventilated and breathe quite well

    I live in west texas and it gets damn hot and dry here, its not uncommon to have 60-90 days in row over 100 degrees with average yearly rainfall of only 10-12"
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    I wear one of two yellow, sleeveless jerseys in the summer, when I want a bit more sun coverage, I wear one of two jerseys from local breweries: New Belgium "Fat Tire" jersey, and a jersey from Odell. Those are size 2X, and they usually have the bigger sizes. After all, they do serve beer. They have to know some of us are 260lbs+.

    When it's cold, I have a long sleeved jersey. It's covered with logos though. I wouldn't wear it in a race. I have also worn a trisuit for an Xterra triathlon. That's not very flattering, but extremely functional.

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    Here is a place that has lots of biking clothing for us clydes....
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