My name is Jon. Been lurking on these forums and found the clydesdale section. Wow, a forum that I could identify with. I am 6' 2" and weigh about 345 #. I am working on eating healthier and going to the gym several times a week. My end goal is to weigh about 230-240 #.

Now, onto my ride(s). I bought my first bike, mountain or otherwise, in 1997. Went to the LBS and found the GT brand. Brought home a catalog and a week later ordered a 20" GT Zaskar. I used to ride my bike to work on a semi regular basis until I smashed both knees at work. This partly lead to some serious weight gain. Well, fast forward to the present, my knees are better, but, losing some weight would help quite a bit there. I still have my Zaskar and just had one of my co-workers who rides quite a bit check it out and tune it up for me. It is completely stock with the exception of the tires (original ones dry rotted out), seat (it has a Serfas brand antomical type seat, makes riding a bit easier on me), and different pedals. Due to the age of this bike and what it has equipment wise, I am not sure there is a lot I can do to it that would upgrade it. It has the original RS Judy XC forks, GT CNC hubs with Mavic 217 SUP rims, V-brakes, etc. I don't intend on doing any major off road wheeling, but more general dirt road/street biking. My question is that will what I have be okay or should I look at upgrading some components ?

Now onto other things, I have also decided to get a new bike frame to start building. I decided on a Titus El Guapo as I saw it being Fatboy approved, this made me laugh. I know that they, Titus, were bought out but the price of the frame 1k seemed like a good deal. It should be a bike that I can grow into for years to come. I will try to get some pictures up of my old bike and my new frame when it comes in.

At any rate, it's nice to see that there are a lot of clydes out there. The stories you guys have of losing weight/getting in shape are just fantastic and I hope that I can have my own happy ending.