• 01-28-2007
    Hoss w/Marz. dirt jam comp?
    Anyone have any idea why Kona put this shock on this bike? I just got it a few weeks ago and I knew that the shock was soft with basically no adjustment, but after riding it a little more I'm not so sure that it will work out on the trail. I also noticed that the with the tire fully seated it is off quite a bit to the right. I thought that I read a posting here on shocks that Marzocchi sent some out that were tweaked. Anyone heard of this? Also, after getting the Hoss, my wife told me I should have gotten the bike that I really wanted. I was shocked. What bike would or should I look at in FS for around $1500? My feeling is that at 295 lbs. and 6'5", any FS bike in this range is NOT going to hold up. Any feedback is welcomed.
  • 01-30-2007
    Well the 2007 Kona Coiler goes for $1800, but maybe you can find a 2006 on sale. Keep in mind you'll probably have to switch out the spring on the rear shock (might cost you, might not...depending on the dealer). The fork is adjustable with air pressure assist so you should be OK there.

    That'd be my suggestion:thumbsup: