Hi Guy's

Just been getting back out about two weeks ago (Weather and was sick.)

So, my first mistake was my first real ride is a group ride(On a Tues two weeks ago)) on a new trail I'd never been on and no idea of my indurance level.
The ride starts out O.K. I'm keeping up with the mid to back of the pack then BAM my front derailuer pops out or loosens. So, I have no front gears. Now, I'm noticing that my breathing is really getting tough. (Went to the doctors next day and I'm up to 4 different meds for Broncitis!) Now, I'm Big and Fat 6'2 350lbs But I worked out most of the winter (Free weights and push ups sit ups leg lifts)

So, now I'm barely keeping up with the back of the pack. and then SNAP my chain breaks. So, there's a really nice bunch of guys on the ride and help me out fix the chain. I get back on the Bike and I can't do anything!

The torque from the chain snapping came foreward and shattered my front derailuer! It's all mangled in my rings. Now, The fat guy has to carry and walk out!

The LBS puts on the ride so I drop it off at his place the next day for new front derailer and chain and general tune up (I just re-built the bike over the winter (New Fork Magura ASGARD!!! Rocks by the way.)

So, I get it back in enough time for a quick ride the following tues (By my self.) I didn't push too hard becuase I'm still not breathing right and still on meds.
So, i notice that my chain is jumping a little but just thought I needed a quick adjustment when i get back.

Now, it's this past thursday and another group ride. I show up earky do a quick adjustment and head off for a warm up so I'm not panting like the token fat guy that I am!

The chain is skipping really bad now and i can't even pedal. One of the guys from the ride see me and stops to help. i gentle pedal back to his car so we can put it up on his rack and look at it a little easier.

Come to find out, my brand new sram chain has a frozen link! I pop it off loosen it up and get it back on. Around the lot for a minute to make sure I'm O.K. and off we go. All this with about 30 people waiting AGAIN for the token fat guy!!!!!

Needless to say after about 20 minutes the link is frozen again I can't get any real pedaling and AGAIN I'm the last person in the group and everybody is waiting!!!

So, I break off in disgust and go home. Call the LBS the next day and RANK on the mechanic (He's a good friend!) that his skills are slipping. He replaces the chain and I'm off.

Now it's tonight. I go out by myself and the bike is dialed in!!! New fork is dialed in and everything was right. I'm breathing better and hitting some rocks and some steep (For me!) single track section that I've never done before and it just was great.

I was getting really disgused in myself and the whole MTbing thing but tonight just confirmed in a big way why i am doing this. It's a blast and gets my @ss back into shape!!!!

See you out on the trails!!!!!!!