Hi all, I'm new to the forums here at mtbr, and to suspension bikes in general. I posted this over in the all mountain forum, and was told I might get more responses over here. I've been riding rigid but want to start taking some more aggressive lines down the mountain, and just have that gnarly single track smoothed out a bit at high speeds. I'm building up a new hardtail (having frame built for me, so shock length is imortant to know before building, right?) and I'm trying to figure out what shocks to get for it.
I'm about 220 lbs, most of my riding involves long climbs with a lot of steeps through rough terrain (roots, rocks, etc..), and fast descents over the same kind of stuff. Most of my drops would be between 2 - 5 feet, I don't see much larger stuff than that where I live. Price is not too much of a factor, though I'll always go for cheaper if the quality is comparable.
Please help, I'm a total newb when it comes to these shocks!