Well, I finally managed to:

get out of work before dark
take my bike with me rather than go home to get it
bring all my gear to work
find an afternoon in the past two weeks that wasn't raining

and with all of those things coming together I visited our local park with a mt. bike trail. Of course my plan to leave early was derailed by an unanticipated hour and a half of calls at the end of the day but nonetheless I made it.

Since it was my first time at the county park to ride the trails i had to watch the safety video and sign the waiver. By time that was done and I changed out of my work clothes I only had about 15 minutes to ride. So I rode.

I hauled my big self onto the bike and rode dirt for the first time in a looong time. And it felt great! Yes, I am way out of shape and only got one lap in before the trail closed but I had fun.

And the bike did great. I had one problem that I identified when I got home. The rear quick release had worked loose and made a rattle when I rode. Problem solved easily enough.

I ran the vulpines pretty full and they held great except in one section. I hit a damp, deep sandy section and the rear spun out but that didn't surprise me. Overall for being semi-slicks I was pleased with how they road. Of course it was just the novice trail so it wasn't a really extreme workout for them (or me) but that's alright.

So overall not that exciting but it was a nice milestone for getting back in shape. Hoping to get back out there tomorrow and try for something a bit longer.

Oh, and I'm pretty happy with the ergon gp-1's as well.