we have a place here called Dicks Sporting goods,they are a chain & they have a Ironhorse MTB bike for $300.00 its a 05 model. The frame is a 17.5 which is my size Hayes disc brakes WTB tires 2.1's everything is name brand good stuff like you might find in a LBS. But the componants are a bit weak but still shamino ( never could spell that)
Rockshocks fork J1 I belive or J4 cant remember. All in all it is a Ironhorse. Its a tad heavy
but by swaping out the drivetrain I could fix that. Any thoughts! Thanks in advance! By the way I'm 270 I have a 04 Redline Mono-cog the frame is holding up but the rims tend to give a bit. Is this bike worth a look? I'm trying to get back down to 200 pounds!