I'm 6'7" and 220lbs, so Clydesdale largely of the tall variety.

When I messed up my hip, I didn't want to give up commuting around on my bike, so I built my 62cm Surly Cross-Check into an E-Bike. Being a Clydesdale presents certain challenges for E-biking. Namely, prebuilt bikes just don't cut it; you need a powerful kit.

Even with my hip getting better now, I'm still loving the whole e-biking thing (for getting around town, commuting etc.). It's fast and you can get to work not sweaty, yet still cheap, no insurance, free parking etc.

Anyway, I just thought I would share the blog post on the build, in case any other Clydesdales were thinking of converting a mountain bike into an E-Bike. I hope it's appropriate for this forum!

Curious to hear what people think...