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    to cold and miserable to ride? why not be productive...

    ok this is prob more of a fat boy passion post... but whatever

    ok so it's not that cold or miserable here (bit damp) but in the 60's... would be a perfect day to ride but wifey doesn't want me taking off today... so i spent some time in the garage working on the bike... figured as long as I can't be out riding I can make my next ride better

    well actually it started last night... i'd swapped a tire and didn't like it so i swapped back... then i'd been noticing a little drivetrain drag... found the bottom jockey wheel on the rear D wasn't smooth at all... so off came the RD, removed the wheels and bushings, cleaned it all up thoroughly, lubed and put back together... much better wheels actually spin when i flick em... while the RD was off i installed my ghetto chain stay protector (old tube)

    while I was at it the chain needed a good cleaning as did the cassette and chain rings... note that sram powerlinks make this job MUCH easier (especially if you don't have the proper chain cleaning tools)... simply remove, spray on bio cleaner, agitate with a brush, rinse, lube, reinstall... same deal with the pedals.

    come to today... i was on a roll and still had some stuff I needed to tweak anyway (never adjusted my RD after re-installing yesterday) so i started there... then being that I never adjusted my front derailleur position when i went to a 2x9 (obviously adjusted the set screws though)... so did that... was able to lower it near an inch... which magically gave a lot more tire clearance (dealing with a karate monkey which has real tight tire to derailleur clearance problems)... my preferred rear tire was a tad to large to fit as before... but suddenly there was a tad more clearance... and what do you know the larger tire fits perfectly now... YAY more cush and faster rolling... so got my drivetrain completely cleaned up and and properly adjusted, played with my tires and a few other tidbits... it's ready to to go ridding... unfortunately that has to wait a few days...

    so if it's a nasty day out why not pull your tools out and make the next day out a lot more fun ... don't know where to start?... take a look here on MTBR and also check out park tools

    also in the down time i got to searching about unicycle stuff... i realy would love to get one and try to learn to ride one... but i came upon this... freakin awesome...

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    DAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!! He's freakin' good!!


    Every time I try to do something to my bike, I always end up taking to the lbs.
    They love me there. hehe I wish I had even a 1/10 of the abilty to work on my bike that most people do.
    Eat to Live...not the other way around

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    After a 20year intermission I got back into Unicycling about 6 years ago. I am mostly into Mountain Uni which is freakin awsome, there is nothing like getting air on a muni. Here in Nor-Cal my favorite trails are in Auburn ( Connector and Confluence trail etc) and in Tahoe Mr Toads is awsome, and Northstar. Never a dull moment on the trail cause everything is technical.
    Heres a video from the 2006 Moab Muni fest.
    Or if your into road riding as well I have done 72 miles around lake tahoe on a 36" Uni and hopefully this June I will be ready to do it again but this time on a geared uni.
    If your interested, most people take about 10 hours of practice to ride and well the off road you just need to go for it.
    I can guarantee one thing. If you get into it you will no longer fall into the Clydes catagory, at least not weight wise. I dropped 60 lbs in about a year when I got back into it.
    I am currently back on 2 wheels for rehab from Achilles surgery.
    P.S. cheap Unis/Munis suck You cant go wrong with the Kris Holm Muni's

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    It was cold and miserable here this morning.

    Well, ok, not that cold and not that miserable (I'm in LA after all)

    I went spinning instead

    I have too big a history of crashing into large stationary objects (like the ground... crash barriers... roadsigns... cows....) to bother with something that's even less stable than a bicycle

    Kudos to the nutjobs who do though
    Due to a lack of interest, tomorrow has been canceled

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    ITS NEVER TOO COLD!!! i went on a ride just last week and it started at about 19F and when i finished it was about 14F and i had a blast you just have to prepare for it right. i took out the heavy bike and got myself all wrapped up and put my full face helmet on and i was just fine temp wise!

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    There's no such thing as bad weather, there's only the wrong clothes!
    Due to a lack of interest, tomorrow has been canceled

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    I've seen that unicycle scene in a MTB movie, but the name of the movie escapes me right now. A riding bud has it and we watched it on a road trip. I'll find out which one it was.

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