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    Clydes on a Santa Cruz LT??

    I bought a "for now" frame this winter, I killed my hardtail this winter. I have always "dreamed" of a Santa Cruz. I am saving money for a better F/S frame. I don't know if I should keep dreaming of the SC or if I should look at something else. The LBS around me all have frames I could never break, just ask them. One almost had me sold on a Felt frame, until the mechanic that rebuilt my rims told me to run.

    I am 240lbs, not getting much lighter. I ride in New England, rocks, roots, rain, snow, mud, uphills and down.

    Thanks for feedback on pedals!!!! I can't take riding buddy putting more staples in my ankle after breaking spindles. Army SF Medic friends are good to have, but their bedside manner sucks.

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    I had a first rev Blur LT. It was not clydesdale friendly. Ended up ditching it after about 6 months. With little abuse I had managed to bend some pivot hardware and wear out several bearings. It also came equiped with a dhx air (latest and greatest shock at the time). Between frame reliability and poor shock choice it was just not a great clyde bike.

    I have to say that the rev2 LT looks all business. They have beefed it up like a nomad and offer free bearings should they go out. Put an rp3 on it and tune it for a clyde and you may just have a winner.

    I am back on a Heckler, it is very clyde friendly. I am still debating on keeping air sprung or putting a coil on it. I actually like the air shock on it for pedaling, but it does blow through travel some. If I keep the air on it I will get the air shock tuned for my weight and the frame.
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