I'm thinkin' of buying an Iron Horse Hollowpoint Mark III Comp. Any of you Clydes riding one want to comment.

I'm also looking for advise on setting sag on this bike. I just confirmed on the IH website that the Mark III is supposed to run a minimum of 25% sag. I think the sag was at about 25%, but have no idea how the other specs were set. I guestimated sag by putting the rubber O-ring all the way to the shock body, standing on the bike and looking at how much it moved. I assumed that 100% would be all the way to the other end of the shaft. Is that the correct way to look at sag?

I definitely got some pedal bob when I stood and pedalled. I didn't look at sag for the fork, which may have been running higher pressure. Should the resistance of the fork and the rear shock be similar?