• 12-14-2014
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    6,1 280lbs XL Trigger 29er 1 taking this bike to the grave with me its that bullet proof.
  • 12-14-2014
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    Seeker in the Snow
    HI, did a easy ride in a little white stuff on the coast yesterday. Traction was not bad as long as I didn't push it. Me, 6'4", 245lbs on an Airborne Seeker set up for Trail riding. Love the bike and don't want to put it away for the winter, but its time for the skis to come out.

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  • 12-15-2014
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    Motobecane 29 Trail 5'-10" 314,
  • 12-15-2014
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    I'm 6'2 - 230lbs...Here's my large 2014 Yeti Sb95a

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    2nd 29er....it's a keeper! Plenty stout. Soon to install 2014 Easton Haven Wheel set
  • 07-17-2015
    This is my very 1st post! Long story short, I am fat and decided to do something about it. I bought a 29" Mongoose torment Kmart special (tight budget). I know these box store bikes are severely looked down upon by the more savvy riders.

    I bent some stuff.

    I'd appreciate any help on things I can do to upgrade/make more sturdy/fat proof my bike. What's the most important things I need to upgrade?

    I bent the handlebars and the crank set. I got these replaced, but I'm not sure how else to fix up the bike before I fold it up like a taco.

    Thanks again my new friends :)
  • 07-19-2015
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    6'4 215 lbs just purchased my 1st 29er this past year. A DB overdrive 29er. Put a stans flow on the rear. I liked it so much, I sold my older stumpy FSR 26er.
  • 07-19-2015
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    Should be on attached by weeks end! I'm giddy w/ excitement ^^

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    Opinions are like A-holes... everybody
    has one & they're usually full of...??
  • 07-19-2015
    I am about 5-11 and 230lbs ride a 2014 specialized enduro 29er (comp) and love it.