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    As a Clyde do you avoid specific races/rides/events/trails?

    Curious if any of you actively avoid events/rides/races/trails where you know it'll be lots of climbing and really does not suit a Clydesdale rider well? Or even riding with friends that you know are faster and just pass on the whole thing.

    I was in a race this weekend where I was the only one in the Clydesdale category. The race was hard (32 miles, 6200' of climbing) but I just churned along and rode what I could and walked the rest. I ended up finishing way super slow but because no other Clydes were there, still got 1st place (which my friends reminded me is a consolation place, not an achievement..hahah)

    In this race series there are usually 5-10 Clydes per race and obviously there are a myriad or reasons why people may or may not be at any specific race, but it got me thinking if some looked at the course profile and really didn't want to climb that much, so just skipped it. Total speculation ofcourse.

    I can't think of a time when I've really avoided a ride/trail/race because I was afraid of it, I may have gone into things with a less than positive attitude though....or may have told friends to not wait for me as I'll be slow on this trail...


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    I ride for me, if others are around then it is just more fun!

    I was the last finisher at a 50K run I did a few years ago, 50+ people did not make the time cut offs, but I did. I was a true winner in that I had set a goal and beat it. I have won a Triathlon outright (First Overall! very short run after a long swim and bike) and been the exact middle finisher in an event. All the events I have done have had great personal rewards and great life lessons, that is why I signed up in the first place.

    To answer your questions directly, I do look for things that are not "all up" or all "crazy down", but that is just for more personal fun during the event. Physics keeps me from enjoying hitting the ground at speed multiple times during an event. If I was doing a series I would do all the events, even the "climby" one.

    Enjoy life, haters are just jealous!!!!!!
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    32 miles, thats really good. I think the most I have ever ridden was 16 miles in one day and I was pretty gassed after that.

    I really dont care how fast I am, I just like being in the woods and riding, I like to take breaks and just look around and sometimes I take pictures.

    I also tend to ride alone or with my nephew, the last group ride I was on the guy leading was a XC racer and wanted to keep moving, I told him in not trying to impress anyone and I ride slow, the minute you try to keep up with a group your always going to make mistakes and ride over your abilities and get hurt, its not worth it. I made that mistake once when I rode sport bikes with a group for the first time, A few miles down the rode, first turn and I was sliding on the pavement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sml-2727 View Post
    the minute you try to keep up with a group your always going to make mistakes and ride over your abilities and get hurt, its not worth it.
    This is true. In several races (they are races, but I'd say 95% of people in the race are just there to have fun and challenge themselves, they aren't really 'racing' as much as just trying to ride at their limit in a supported/safer race environment) where I have had the fortune of being lapped by whoever went on to win the overall race.

    That is actually not discouraging at all, and it's fun to have someone pass you and watch how they are handling their bike on the trail. I usually try to up my speed to match them for a bit, then quickly realize I am not a pro mountain biker and I clearly do not have the skills to ride at that speed (or power if we're going uphill then). I wish I could watch pro riders on the trail more though, it is fun to watch an expert at work. (Harder when you're trying to watch them, and keep your bike on the trail at the same time)

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    Goals and challenges are not supposed to be easy. The only person who you should care about impressing is yourself. Don't talk yourself out of stuff, talk yourself INTO stuff. Get yourself in over your head sometimes....take chances.

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    Next time your friends chide you about a consolation prize, invite them to strap up to the equivalent weight and go for a ride.

    Nobody was in your category and you took first place? You started and finished what you started. Don't let them dilute that win. Did Not Start, Did Not Finish, neither applies to you here and that's respectable.

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    I don't ride for anyone else. I don't race. I try to just have fun and overcome obstacles.

    I do, however, try to avoid the event of falling... which I failed to do this morning on a road ride... now I feel old and creaky.
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