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Its gonna take a long time for me to get comfortable with the idea of carbon wheels for us big guys. And I may never get there with carbon wheels on a 29er for big guys. The pysics/cost/risk equation, I just can't get to work. Do you guys think there is enough of a performance improvement with carbon wheels to risk it? The weight savings generally shouldnt' be an issue for us big guys, so performance improvement is the only benefit. Or maybe I"m wrong. Feel free to flame me.
I did a demo day recently and rode 2 650b bikes. One with CF rims one without. The bike with CF rims had a snap quickness pedaling and firm feel in corners leaning over. More so then the bikes the CF rims impressed me. to the point I'm saving my lunch money for a set.

I've spoke to a product manager at ENVE about big guys on CF rims at Sea Otter. They have some clydes in the company nobody breaks rims. Be smart though and go with 32h and the burlier 60/40 AM models. I ride a 29r.

wrt weight differences and Clydes: If feel every gram I shed on my bike, but the reason I'd get carbon wheels is more about the stiffness and control.