I've lost some weight and would like to get back into mountain biking like I did when I was in highschool. I was a Clyde back then too, but not as big. This time around I'd like to try out a 29'er. I've test ridden them and like the way they ride. My LBS has an 08 F29 2 for a pretty fair price and I love the way it rides. I contacted Cannondale and there is not weight limit on the frame or fork. The person stated that the forks work pretty well for big guys due to the stiffness.

Is the general consensus that I would be okay on the bike? I plan on general cross country riding, commuting and putting around with my kid. I have a Kona Stuff I'd be using for dirt jumping, stupidity, etc.

There are a couple of things I would change off the bat, handlebar and seatpost. Traditionally, I love Thomson, but I'd like to go Ti or carbon. Are there any tough carbon seatposts? Recommendations for a tough carbon/ti handlebars? I'd be swapping the Deore level Isis crank for a 2 pc SLX or XT for stiffness. I'd also have a spare rear wheel around for when I destroy the Deore hub.

Other than those items, I'm really digging the bike.