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    Im a tiny clyd' im only 6-3 265. I have been running rohloff on my pivot 429 & my velotechnic gte because it allows a half link pintle chain that I dont break. The last pintle chain actually was on my pivot / rohloff for years.
    i took my pivot 429 apart for creaking in the bottom end, it had a bad bottom bracket and 4 frame cracks, one in main triangle and three in rear end and link.
    they are offering a crash replacement at a good price.. but, its now only a 2 year warranty and my rohloff will require pricy adapters to get it to work, if it will even work with 142x12.

    ive been salavating over a nicolai for years. I just sawed up my pivot frame at the bike shop, my lord those were some thick pieces of metal. how the hell did i break it ?
    the shop tech said if i could break a pivot as much as i did, id probably break anything. the nicolai is 5 year warranty and i can get the new pinion gearbox. . the only thing on earth better than a rohloff, but its frame type will have a little pedal bob, the pivot had zero pedal bob ever. i do mostly XC riding. i dont mind owning a DH bike again.
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    its probably to all mountain for what you want but this is my dream bike at the moment
    NICOLAI Maschinenbau GmbH

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    Theres an XL green 29er one of them with the pinion here now. choice made. no pivot, frack them. they dont have swappable rear dropouts to accept a rohloff. time to upgrade to a pinion.

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