I just finished reading "Heft on Wheels" by Mike Magnuson. I highly recommend this book to all clydes out there trying to drop some pounds. I will try not to give to much away about the book (not that its a suspense thiller or anything) but its the story of Mike's dramatic turn around and weight loss do to cycling (WARNING: He is a roadie).
I read it at exactly the right time because I was getting fed up with my weight and needed to start a weightloss program.
I would not recommend following his regime (and he even warns against it) but it is a great book for inspiration and to let you know it can be done.
Since reading the book in three weeks I've lost 11 pounds (and still dropping ). I am not saying it was because of the book but it did light a fire under my @ss to do something about my weight (and eating and drinking habits).