Hey guys,

I'm looking at my options and could use some help. I currently own two bikes, a Trek 4900 hardtail, and a Cannondale Prophet 600. I use my HT for streets/urban campus assault stuff. And my Prophet 600 for trails. My hardtail feels perfect cockpit wise, but my Prophet feels wierd. Problem is, I really don't like the geomentry of my Prophet. Doesn't feel comfortable. It feels to stretched out for me... when I ride I feel too hunched over, pointing down towards the ground because my seat is up higher than stem - even with a new high rise stem.

So I'm thinking of selling both my bikes, and getting a Santa Cruz Heckler or Nomad. I ride streets around campus, and plenty of fast singletrack with several 2-6ft drops and some black diamond as well as dirt jumps! I'm a big guy at 6'5 and 240lbs with gear on. And I'm leaning towards the Nomad... here are some pics for ya pleasure!