I have a messenger bag I've been using since sometime in the early 90's. My shoulder just can't take the load anymore and panniers and racks are out due to me being vain. All the backpacks out there have straps that are sewn way too close together at the top and the padding goes way less than half the length of my torso. I've tried on the Timbuk2 Lex in an XXL and the Chrome Backbone Large, both are no go padded straps too short and chest strap is more like "throat" strap...LOL. I need something at least 3000cu. inches ~ 50 liters of capacity. Any thoughts? I'm 6'2, about 350 and my daily commute is about 15-20 miles per day.

So it's time for me to retire my single strap messenger bag. I've been hauling stuff in it for 15+ years now and it's been around the world twice!