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    ARGH - I'm fat, frustrated, have a bad hip, and bummed out!!! (long half vent).


    I've been around from the very beginning. I still post but not nearly as often as I used to 10-12 years ago. Seems that happens as life moves on. Marriage, new more important jobs, and kids all come into play. You know, life.

    The one constant I've had since I was 12 years old in 1984 has been a mountain bike of some sort, and before that my BMX etc. With the exception of my first year or so out of college when I had a job I hated, I've always found time to ride. Since the early 90's (college) my weight has fluctuated from a low of 188lbs to a high of 240lbs, ironically that all occured during the same year.

    Generally during the past 8 years i've fluctuated between 205 and 230. Now, I'm just barely 5'10, big frame and all, likely not acceptable.

    So last year I started to have back and hip problems. Bad disc (better now) and a hip that aggrivated me to no end. Orignally diagnosed as burstits, turns out I had a torn labrum and arthritis. The arthritis isn't unexpected as i broke my pelvis 20 years ago when I was 17... mountain biking.

    Last year I ended up barely getting to ride, maybe 600 miles between the MTB and Road bike.

    Just had surgery for the torn labrum last week which they trimmed it but the joint space is tight and they couldn't do much else. My next stop - at some point will be a new hip.

    That said, depending on pain they say I can ride again.

    I've been on the couch a week, and as much as I like watching basketball this now sucks.

    I'm also back up to 225 lbs and not real healthy as I didn't do much exercise for the last 3 months figuring this labrum out.

    So, I HAVE to buckle down and get my diet under wraps. Tough for me as I love to eat. Somehow I can do it. From the arthritis perspective it is one of the only things that will help.

    With riding, I'm hoping soon to be back on the bike.

    Somehow I have to get down to 200 lbs again. Going to be tough if I can't log 150 mile weeks.

    In the past I've been able to lose weight with a revised diet but not like I suspect I will have to do now. I've just cleaned it up but "overpowered it" by riding like crazy.

    Looking for advice on a few fronts.

    1. Any tips on the hip pain etc?

    2. Diet - I can cut portions and don't believe in fad diets. Looking for any websites etc that has healthier recipes for basic staples that don't taste too bad.

    I don't eat fish, and my vegitable range in limited (carrots, green beans, peas, brocholi, spinich) - but any tips on other veggies that might taste decent if prepared differently.

    My diet plan.

    I can live without pop, chips, candy, salty snacks no problemo.

    1. Breakfast every day - either oatmeal, 2 eggs and toast, or a yogurt smoothie - breakfast I can do pretty easy healthy on most days. My weakness here is I like the drive-through window for breakfast. I can cut that out and IF I have to an egg mcmuffin isn't too bad.

    2. no more food through a window - I figure if it comes through a window it can't be good for you. (exception - egg mcmuffin in a pinch, I'm in sales)

    3. eat all the fruit and veggies I want. If I have to have a crunchy snack - get some nuts. Yeah, I know there are calories in fruit, but no one gets fat eating fruit.

    4. Try to cut back at business dinners - this one is tough but I don't have to do too many these days.

    5. No more eating after 8pm unless it is a late dinner. Generally anything I eat after 8pm - not good.

    6. Cut down on cheese, unless it is on my once a week pizza allowance.

    Ok, that was a bit of stream of conciousness...

    Ultimately - anyone here with a hip problem - any thoughts.
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    for the injury... the best tip I can give is take a look in our "Rider Down, injuries and recovery" section of the forum

    good luck man
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    Check out this site it helped me a lot Read the tutorials on this page. As for the pain I know how you feel . I have had 2 knee surgery's in 2 1/2yrs ( 2 in 3 months) and now facing a 3rd one in April. You have to keep a good mindset and don't hold back from what you want to do. Biking will help a lot even if it hurts you got to do it. Try also doing a light weight routine for your hip and upper body. Build up your core area a strong core is a key and will help. If you have access to gym see if you can talk with a trainer and tell him what's going on. You will have set backs but the key here is not to let it get to you. It will be tough but keep working and look at the big picture
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    When my hip was really bothering me, I went in for some PT. They had me strengthening my back and core. It helped. Did a lot of balance ball stability exercises. I wouldn't have though that would work, but it did. dunno... worth a shot.

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    This is what I use for losing weight.

    You can create a free account, calculate your BMR and calorie goals and start tracking your food and exercise. If you also use the site to track your weight it will automatically adjust your daily calorie goals to keep you on track. I've been using it since December and it's great. You just have to commit to tracking regularly and being honest with yourself.

    Today is my 1yr anniversary date since I "woke up" and decided it was time to lose weight. Since then I've lost 92lbs. If you put your mind to it and commit yourself to the plan you can drop that 30lbs in just a few months.

    It's OK to have that pizza or egg mcmuffin once in a while but I wouldn't recommend it too often. I allow myself one cheat meal per week. Not an entire day, just a single meal. The rest of the week I stick to my plan.

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    +1 for the Livestrong & Daily Plate website.

    I don't normally post in this forum because it seems like there aren't any female clydes, and I'm not sure if that's because we don't want to admit that we're big 'uns, or if it's just a boys' club. But, I digress...

    It's really tough changing your eating habits, especially if you like to eat. The thing that I've found really helps me is to swap things out when I eat. Scrambled egg (mostly) whites instead of scrambled whole eggs. Turkey bacon instead of real bacon, yeah I know, blasphemous. Corn tortillas instead of flour, whole wheat pasta, bread, english muffins, everything bread related. Brown rice instead of white. Ground turkey instead of ground beef, etc etc. Most of these changes you don't even notice or taste. Load up on veggies. Instead of 1 cup of veggies at dinner, eat 2 and eat the bulk of the veggies first, because then you'll be fuller so you won't eat the entire ribeye. Also, eat smaller meals more often.

    Hope your hip heals quickly, and good luck with your weight loss. You can do it!
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