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    Hope Any clydes using an adjustable seat post?

    I searched but didn't find any threads in the clyde section

    I was thinking of getting one but I don't feel like dropping some bucks
    on something I'll just brake like everything else.

    So how about it who's running one? What are you using?
    How big are you? and are they worth the money?

    P.s. I'm 6 foot 300#
    next time

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    I use a sette ryde it is OK.
    is rides like a cheap post, but it seems OK.
    The main problem with the post is its so stiff that you need a lot of weight to compress. My wife can't compress the post with her full body weight.
    It's cheap so if it doesnt work you havn't lost much

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    Could have sworn this thread had already been played here in the clyde forum.
    Here we go again...

    Q: Can a clyde use a drop post?
    A: Yes

    Q: What is the weight cutoff?
    A: That is a gray area. I spoke with the guys at gravity dropper about this. They had several guys riding the gravity dropper who were 250-280lb (back in 2005 IIRC). This also depends somewhat on saddle position. If the seat is set mid-rail over the post, then it puts less stress on the post than if it were set to max rear position.

    Q: What about you, whatcha riding?
    A: I have real saddle time on AMP and gravity dropper posts. I have parking lot demo'd a couple of others.

    Q: How much do you weight?
    A: 225-240lb. Again this is a gray area. I am a fairly smooth rider. Someone who is 200lb and a masher could potentially do more damage than I do regardless of mass.

    Q: Are they worth it, money-wise?
    A: Yes. Make sure you get one with a remote for max benefit.

    Other thoughts:
    - Mechanical locking mechanisms are a bit more reliable IME
    - Hydraulic posts give infinite locking positions, no seeking the pin hole
    - Multi-position posts are IMO a nice option, I am running a 1,4 in drop now
    - Made in the USA, oddly enough all the hydro models are now imported and most of the mechanical models are made here in the USA. Depending on your latitude this may effect your decision.

    The final word from me
    I am on my 3rd or 4th Gravity Dropper. None have ever given me any trouble. They are made in the USA. GD is likely to be around for the duration. GD customer service is awesome. I recommend the Turbo model.
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    Been running a Maverick Speedball (aka CrankBros Joplin) on my 5.5 for well over a year now, weight was pretty close to the 300 mark during that time and it's been fine.

    Only issue is that it's very finicky about dirt, but stripping and cleaning it is no big deal and only takes 5 minutes.
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    i roll a hite rite... no weight limits... and being that it's worked for over 20 years... ;-)

    er ok... so realy I don't REALY use it... it just came on a '88 GT i bought recently
    - Surly Disc trucker
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