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    Thanks for all the inspiring posters in this thread and good luck to everyone else on their own goals.

    My name is Geoff. I'm 39 and about a year ago, May 2013, I went to the Dr for a physical. Since middle school I'd always been overweight but now it was really getting out of control. I was up to 338 and the Dr told me I was getting to the upper levels of normal for a lot of health indicators (BP, Cholesterol, Sugar etc.....). I had also been a pretty heavy smoker but was able to quit smoking Feb 25, 2013 (456 days smoke free today). That was good but I really needed to do something about my weight/diet/fitness. I know from past experience that doing a "diet" or exercise plan wont work for me. I really need to change my outlook on everything and try to get out and enjoy life more. I've really tried to just focus on eating better, and getting out more and being more active. I try to use My Fitness Pal for my tracking what I eat and staying at around 1800 calories per day. For Fitness, I go for walks, I ride my bike around town, I go hiking, and backpacking more. This has all led to me getting down to 298 although I've been at a plateau here for a few weeks now. I'm turning 40 in September and would love to get back down to around 250 by then. Really I'd just love to get out of shopping in the fat guy section of clothing stores by then. I just picked up a Novara Ponderosa 29er to try and do trails that are more aggressive than your typical bike path or rail to trail. I got to try it out on some real trails here in NJ this past weekend and it was a lot of fun, even if I did have to walk it up some of the hills. I guess I can add this goal too. I want to do the whole 7 miles loop at Lewis Morris Park without walking the bike up any of the hills before the end of the summer. It'll take some work.

    2014 Weight and Fitness goals.-img_20140526_170133_457.jpg

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    My goal is to go from 230 to around 190. I am trying to follow Paleo style eating whenever I can - but I love pizza and beer..........

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    2014 Weight and Fitness goals.

    Camp, that's awesome man! I too am in the same boat. I started about a month and a half ago at about 325-330 and have lost about 15-20 lbs.
    This weekend I hammered up hills and through sections that would've KILLED me a month ago.
    At 37 I too realized its time to get off the couch. I also quit smoking so I appreciate what you are going through.
    So far just feeling good from the exercise is motivation enough. Good luck bud !

    History is written by those who have hanged heroes.

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    I feel like I am late to the party. On Sunday, June 1, I accidentally got on a scale and saw that I weighed 344 lbs. I knew I had gained "a few" over the last couple of years, but enough was enough. Spent the day on the 'net looking at bikes and how to change your day to day diet without going crazy.

    Monday, June 2nd, my wife and I bought Electra Townie 7Ds. Since then, I have ridden daily, changed how I eat more than what and have dropped 35 lbs. Cutting out fast food and the junky convenience store snacks doesn't really feel like dieting to me. A water bottle, trail mix and cheese sticks in my back pack and off I go.

    I really thought I had done something horribly wrong the first time I rode over 2 miles. My backside was sore, I was drenched in sweat and I felt like a train had hit me. Today, however, my son (age 7) and I went for a nice 10 mile there and back on a bike path I never new existed. We had a blast and he was so happy to have done the full 10. I was very proud of him.

    The things I have learned so far:

    Those funny "magic undies" with the pad helped me get past the 5 Mile "OMG MY BUTT'S ON FIRE" milestone.

    Always take a tire pump. Always.

    Shirts with that wicking material really do work. Why hasn't anyone told me about these before?!?

    Bike helmets at Target don't fit people with big melon heads.

    Puncture Resistant Tubes are a must for Idaho. I swear Puncture Vine must be our state flower.

    My wife really likes it when I lose weight.

    And the Xbox hasn't been touched in 24 days.

    My goal is to lose more weight, maybe get a camera mount for my handlebars - maybe not, maybe get a phone holder thingy to make my phone app easier to read - maybe not, and to enjoy the heck out of my new bike. I really do feel like a kid again. I even showed my kids how to put playing cards in their spokes to get that awesome sound.


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    Quote Originally Posted by deckroid View Post
    Since then, I have ridden daily, changed how I eat more than what and have dropped 35 lbs. Cutting out fast food and the junky convenience store snacks doesn't really feel like dieting to me. A water bottle, trail mix and cheese sticks in my back pack and off I go.

    Congratulations on taking charge of your life again!

    Watch this: Watch the film Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead for Free. | Reboot With Joe

    I did a 30-day Reboot! and it changed my life, and gave me a great launch platform to start our new perma-diet: Paleo

    Since, Day 1 of my Reboot! to date, I have lost 45 lbs (from 248 down to 203lbs), my labwork looks like a healthy 20-year old athletes, and almost all of the nagging GI symptoms and pain I was experiencing have simply disappeared.

    I was taking about 2400 mgs of Ibuprofen a day for pain and my doctor was adamant that I needed blod pressure and cholesterol meds... Now, not so much. BP is perfect, pulse rate is way down, and cholesterol is the lowest it has been in MY ENTIRE LIFE.

    While you Reboot!, read Rob Wolf's Book, "The Paleo Solution"... It's the best single reference I know.

    If you are intrigued after watching the movie, let me know. I'll help you get started... nothing commercial here... just paying it forward.

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    Some friends watched that in January and started juicing. Not "Juicing" but juicing, like with a juicer not steroids... (my little joke with them). They are the track coaches for our local high school and middle school. They loved it. I tried it, but I am just not a juice kinda guy.

    I did, however, decide that enough is enough and have changed how and to some degree what I eat. (As well as getting on my bike) As of this am, I am down 42 lbs. When I get below 300, hopefully this week, I am going to treat myself to two scoops of Salted Carmel ice cream from our local ice cream shop that makes it in the back. Then it's right back to it.

    I figure, if you can't treat yourself every once in a while, you would go batty.

    C'mon 300...

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    I am more of a smoothie guy than a juicer guy, meaning that I use a blender instead of a juicer. I like the idea of getting all the fiber and many of the nutrients that juicing leaves behind. Personally, I use a Vitamix blender which seems to be ridiculously overpowered and liquefies nearly everything quite quickly. I like fruits and vegetables in their natural forms but find I don't get around to eating as much as I would like on a daily basis. Tossing it all in a blender and making a batch I can drink throughout the day helps me stay full and eat good stuff. After a workout, I will toss a scoop of protein powder in the smoothie to help with recovery. Also, I find blenders to be MUCH easier to clean than most juicers I have used. That's important when you are as lazy as me! ;^)

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    2nd half goal

    By New Year:

    Lower my Systolic by 5-7 points and my Diastolic by 8-10 points.

    Lose 30 pounds to get down to 235

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    I'll get to under 100kg before years end... Not bad since I started out at 115kg... 9 months ago ^^

    Sent from my Kin[G]_Pad
    to err is human... to face plant is frickin hilarious!!

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    current weight is 448, wanna lose 50lbs by the end of the year

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    Hi, I'm 5'10", 35 years old. Started the summer at about 220, sitting around 205 now. My goal at the beginning of the year was 200, which seems easy except is seems my body likes staying at this weight. I ride fairly regularly and eat OK (I could eat better). I'm pretty sure I'll make my goal, but the hard part is the winter. Sitting around 200 makes me pretty heavy for cross-country skiing (and I hate the gym) and I seem to always come into the spring at about 225. I want to make this the year that I break that habit. So my goal is to start next spring at under 200.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trmn8er View Post
    I started my weight loss quest at around 263 lbs and 6'2.5" a little over two years ago. Once I stated MTB consistently and counting calories, the weight came off. I was down to 225 last year and pretty fit, or so I thought. This year, I committed to myself to lose more so I could climb better. I bought an XC bike, and am riding a lot. I am now 208 lbs as of today, the lightest I have been in 20 plus years. I am 52, and in some of the best shape of my life. My new goal weight is 190, and at my height, I will be pretty fit.

    Thing is, I struggle at times with energy. As mentioned, I count calories. I get a ton of food to eat because I do Cardio 5 days a week, so I can eat 2800 calories a day and lose weight, and that is on non cardio days. Now that I am basically thin, I plan to be a little more inclined to eat all my calories I earn, and not bank too many. When I go too much proteins and complex carbs, I notice energy can tend to suffer at times. Some days I am hiking 5 mile mtn climbs with my wife, then I ride 10 miles of mtn, then I ride 20 miles of road (on the Epic) in the same day, and I am burning ridiculous amounts of calories. I think I need to mellow out a bit and get more in a maintenance mode. Thanks to all who have contributed here. I plan to visit the Clyde forum often even after I'm below 200 which is only 8 lbs from now.
    Update: I'm down to 205 now and fairly thin with my height, but it is super hard to lose now. I am now trying to get to 195. Great job to see the progress here of so many. You got this!

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    OK... usually I'm content to lurk in the background and not post here, but I need some accountability for myself so I'm gonna change things up this year.

    I'm 6'1" 262 right now. Fairly muscular, but more of it is fat then it used to be. I used to ride and work out all the time, but job and kids (same ol' story) made it harder and I didn't make the time for it. My wife's progression or regression followed mine. This year, she had a seizure at work and they found lesions on her brain that were indicative of MS. They didn't diagnose her with it, but said it was a strong possibility in the future. This along with her high blood pressure and diabetes put her in a new frame of mind about her body and our lifestyle.

    So, about a month ago, we started making changes. We started tracking diet and exercise with the Livestrong app, we started walking a lot more and she wanted to start bike riding. I dusted off my ol' Full Suspension GT and dusted of her Electra beach cruiser and we started riding the hike and bike trails by our house. With walking at least 2 miles or riding at least 7 she has lost 11 lbs in a month and I have lost 15. Her endurance is getting better and she is able to ride longer and longer. She is now saying she is thinking of getting a full on mountain bike (she gets pissed when she has to walk a hill and is convinced that gearing will make the difference.) I'm very proud of her and pleased with myself. So with that, my goals for this year are:

    To consistently track food and exercise with Livestrong app.

    To ride at least 100 miles every month. (first month down and I've got 117 miles and my wife has about 65)

    Loose about 30 more pounds

    Hit the gym more often (actually walking through the doors would be more often at this point)

    Stay positive and supportive of my wife's efforts. This is a newer experience for her than it is for me.

    Enjoy the time together riding, when we never seem to have any other time for just ourselves.

    Work up to some type of biking vacation.

    Good luck everyone...

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