I want to say that I just received my 2014 Trek Remedy 29er. I am a big guy around 280 lbs and I am an aggressive downhiller but I also climb everything I come down. I ride the size XL which most people should consider that get the Large since the only real dimension difference is a 2CM longer top tube so it sets you up more leaned forward and better balance for those like me that 6' or so. So I want to say that flat out that this is the best bike I have ever owned period! It climbs excellent with the 29ers and being my size I need all the help I can get but it is fast and smooth up hill and the geometry is comfortable and powerful. I actually think that climbing in the middle trail setting the bike actually faster climbing than being locked out. So.....let's talk about the downhill. This bike darts quickly where you point it and is very stable, it glides and floats and is smooth and you will literally laugh out loud on how well the suspension works and how fast you are moving. The bike is flat out awesome! See a rut, rock drop and the bike just doesn't care and it is so silky it is freaky. The front Fox fork being 140mm and 34mm in this bike is so stiff it is just flat out incredible. Having the DCRV is way better on the back shock, where it works better than the front is very good. I have made some changes to this bike for my size and making it easier to climb which is a 3 ring front XT crank vs. the 2 ring with the standard 11-36 in back and I also opted out of the dropper seatpost due to the fact I blow through lightweight shocks front or back and having a heavy seat post fail on me or shrink when riding I have no interest in. I also upgraded the wheels from the Bontrager Rhythm Elite to the Bontrager Rhythm Pro and I changed out the rock hard road bike type seat with something that works but whatever its a seat.
What can I say I love this bike and I have had Giant and two recent Santa Cruz bikes and it was hard for me to switch to Trek but I did because what you get for the dollar and the technology in the suspension cannot be equaled in my opinion especially on the Remedy 9 that has the whole XT component specification.
Buy one and rock and role it will make you comfortable and fast when you climb and make you laugh when you go down hill....by the way the twin XT 180mm disc brakes are awesome....forget all the other brakes out there.
Rock n roll.