OK, so another question for my hefty brothers.

My new frame has the option of upgrading to 142x12 mm. Based on what happened to the old frame, I think this is wise.

In the past I've build with venerable XT hubs exclusively and just dealt with the occasional freehub blowout. They're cheap to replace and give you lots of warning before they finally go out.

However, it seems that the 142x12 hubs Shimano hubs have a fundamentally different freehub body that has a reputation for spontaneously splitting into multiple pieces without warning. Shimano CLAIMS to have fixed the problem.

So, here are the choices that makes sense to me.
Shimano SLX 12x142 - Same pricepoint as the old XT hubs. Potential hub failures. Unknown reliability.

Hope Pro Evo 2 - more than I want to spend, but with apparently have reliability approaching Chris King without the CK price tag.

Any opinions?