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    05 Slayer vs. 06 SJ FSR ?

    So I've been searching for a new bike. One of the local shops had an 05 Slayer-50 for $1800. But I've also been looking at the 06 SJ FSR or the FSR Comp for $2000 and $2200 respectively. What are the thoughts on these bikes?

    More specifically, what are the advantages/disadvantages to the Fox RP3 vs Fox Triad and the Fox Vanilla RL vs the Fox Float RL?

    BTW - I'm 215lb and ride strictly XC type stuff. I don't feel like I'm too aggressive or particularly hard on my equipment if that makes a difference.

    Thanks - Stew

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    I went with the Stumpy Comp. at $2K out the door

    My LBS had the same offering and I went with the 06 Stumpy Comp. I liked the Slayer 50 alot, and the price you stated is much lower than at my LBS. I love my new Stumpy to death, but if the Slayer was cheaper I might have jumped on that instead. LBS salesmen gave advantages for both bikes. If you are doing strickly XC (like me also) the Vanilla 130 might be overkill. The Float RL is just awesome, it holds air great, never bottoms out, and is plush over all terrrain. Its very easy to use, the lock-out is a great feature for street riding and steep fireroads. The Triad is nice, it takes alot of psi, (I'm 6'3" and 230 lbs with all the gear on and I pump it up to over 250 psi) and it needs to be pumped before every ride. I've never bottomed it out, but then again I'm not hucking or doing drops more than 2 feet. I have heard nothing but good things about the RP3, so maybe the nod goes to the Slayer in that regard. For me, the warranty issue was big, if I remember Rocky Mountain's warranty was 5 years? maybe less on certain parts of the frame?? Spending $2K on a bike was a big deal for me and having the security of a lifetime warranty was a huge selling point. The Stumpy has great pedal efficiency and the downhills are a dream, the Juicy 5 hydro's are the bomb, you will stop on a dime with one finger on the lever. Either bike will bring you years of joy, my opinion is that the Slayer leans more towards all mountain riding and the Stumpy more towards XC. Ride them both and see what fits you best. Enjoy!!!

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    Ive ridden both, and owned an 04 Slayer. I prefer the RP3 over the Triad any day and the Vanila over the float hands down. The Hayes brakes are my favorite, and I had to have the Juicy 5's warrantied twice in the first month. Both work well and stop good, but the Avids are noisier. The wheels and tires on the Stumpy are better then the Slayer. The Slayer is very quick and responsive, more compact. The Stumpy's rear suspension is a better design for rough trails. For climbing and decending tight twisty singletrack I prefered the Slayer. For fast bumpy swoopy singletrack I liked the Stumpy. Both are really good bikes and you cant go wrong with either. I can tell you my lbs was selling em for a little less(SLayer). I also did not like the Race Face cranks on the Slayer, chain suck problems. I would say which ever fits you better is the one to get. If you go Stumpy, and can afford too spend on the Pro model, it is worth the better components you get.

    By the way, I ride a Yeti 575 and love it, done bike shopping.
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    Thanks for the input

    Thanks for the input. As I figured, it looks like I can't really go wrong. Right now I'm leaning towards the stumpy. The bikes are actually at competing shops in town, but the shop that sells the stumpies has a demo ffeet, so i think i'm going to rent one over the weekend and really check it out. Unfortuntaley, the shop that sells Rocky Mountains doesn't demo the bikes, so I'm limited to a parking lot ride (boo).

    Thanks again.

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    I have an 03/04 Slayer 70, (04 frame 03 spec) and the bike is pretty good, but I have demolished alot of parts, and had problems with the shock reducers(steel is better than aluminum for gentlemen of generous perportions). When The bikes working properly it's mint (I use it for aggressive XC)

    What I have learned from the whole experience is no matter what bike you get check the little details of the parts spec like watch for cheap bbs(6 months and shes grinding), mid to low end hubs that big guys destroy (broken/bent axels, siezed freehub voila my slayer is a fixie! that was entertaining), cheap headsets (look ma no hands!) genero seatposts (what"s that creaking noise? Ouch!).

    All in all I really like the bike especially now that the weak parts have been purged. If I were to do it again, I would swap out the parts that were weak before I bought the bike, at least you get some credit for those parts towards the more appropriate parts. And then your not paying full ding when they get replaced, and your not becoming the McGuyver of the mountain bike world.

    Good luck and have fun on your new bike (what ever it is you cho(o)se
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