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    Yakima King Cobra on Thule Rack

    I got a great deal on a Yakima King Cobra bike mount and am looking to get a roof rack system. I would normally just get the QTower set up from Yakima but for my car (2006 VW JEtta) the kit from Yakima comes with a 58 inch cross bar when the roof is only 48 inches wide. I do not want 5 inch overhang on each side.

    Enter the Thule system where the fit kit (Aero 400 XT, LB50 bars) from them comes with 50 inch crossbars. The Thule system also has a peg on the front attachment that fits into the JEtta frame, where as I am told that the Yakima system does not.

    So my questions are:

    1) Will the King Cobra fit on the Thule square bar attachment?

    2) Does the Yakima QTower attachemnt for the 2006 Jetta have the peg/spike to attach into the doorframe like the Thule system does?

    3) If I go with the Yakima system can I get away with the 48 inch crossbars as opposed to the 58 inch bars? And if not can I cut the bars down?

    I have posed these questions to Yakima and Thule, but need an answer asap - since I have races coming up with no way to transport

    THanks in advance for your help

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    What I know

    You can cut the bars to whatever length you want as long as you leave room for the towers to mount. They do make the mighty mount adapter so you can use your bike racks on Thule. Thats all I can answer. also if you have a Joe's Sporting Goods, they are closing and I bought mine 20% off and last time I checked they are 30% but limited stock on all racks Thule and Yakima.
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    I have a King Cobra on Thule square bars. Yakima carriers are supplied and mounted with "SnapArounds" that fit round or square bars. To fit the square bars you just break a couple of tabs off. If you later want to move them on to a round bar, just replace them. REI has them, 4 for $11.

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