Does anybody have experience with the Yakima KingJoe or SuperJoe3 bike racks? ...or the Thule 962XT or 911 Passage?

I'm selling my roof rack system as I have over-spent this year. I haven't used it and it was too much. Vet bills are burying me and I have to find some cash. I may try to convert my Corolla to split folding seats and will be looking at a trunk mount bike rack.

The Thule 962XT and 911 Passage 3 bike carriers don't come up as compatible with my 01 4 door Corolla CE, but it could be a mistake, so I've inquired about it through the Thule website. Using the Thule website I only find 2 bike carriers for my Corolla.

On the Yakima website, both the Yakima SuperJoe3 and KingJoe3 come up as options for my Corolla, so I'm seriously considering those, but....if the Thule racks would actually work, they are a good option too. The Thule racks are less expensive compared to the Yakima KingJoe3.

thanks in advance for any feedback and experience you can share,