Buying a tailgate pad to transport the bikes.

Thinking of picking this up:

I've been reading a lot of review of people of tailgate pads in general about damage towards the bike and towards the paint of the truck. I really don't want to damage the truck and a lot have complained about the pad wearing the paint of tailgate. Would this happen even if the pad was removed after EVERY ride? And what about the downtube of the bikes? I've seen some bikes with a matte finish have the paint rubbed off, and that is something I really want to avoid. I am going to have some sort of tape or bike protection on the downtube before the seasons starts for general riding and of course for transportation purposes. SO.. the question is...

What is the general consensus of the tailgate pad? How does it work for you? Would you recommend buying one?

Pictures would be really nice, and both positive and negative comments are welcome. Are there similar alternatives to transporting a bike for trucks?

I know there are sub-forums on this topic already, but I feel like none of them really address the specific questions. Thanks.