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    Thule 9001 Raceway rack review

    Picked up this rack for a song. See "buyer's remorse" thread in the Passion forum.
    Anyway here goes:

    -Very, very stable
    -Bikes stay put and move together(no rubbing of bike on bike).
    -Easy to mount on car and very adaptable to wide variety of vehicles(assuming some here). Able to mount it on a VW Beetle so you can open the hatch while it is on the car.
    -Locks on the car and locks the outside bike to the rack. Not to say it can't be thwarted easily. But someone can't just come up and take the bikes without breaking something.
    -The mounting cables retract back into the rack so nothing hangs off the rack when you aren't using it.

    -Could be mildly confusing to mount for someone that is a mechanical mental deficient.
    -Expensive! If I hadn't gotten a deal on it I never would have bought it.
    -It locks. If you lose the key, you'll have to break something.

    Overall an engineering masterpiece.
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    We have found that this is one of the better trunk mounted racks. One of the things I like most about it, is that once it's set up the first time, it's a very quick on/off the vehicle with the cables. Unlike straps found on most other trunk mounts, the Raceway cables are fast to loosen and tighten, and there's no excess strap to manage.

    The lock system is decent, and like other racks, is merely a deterrant for someone "thinking" about stealing a bike. Your rack should come with extra keys (at least 1) and my suggestion is to always keep that key in the same place. The day you deviate from your original location is the day you'll need it.

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