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    Nissan Xterra vs Mercury Mariner vs Jeep Patriot vs other competitors

    Anyone own one of these SUVs? How are they for transporting bikes? I'll probably wait to get an SUV but if gas prices spike again this summer and I see a great deal on one, I might pull the trigger.

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    Honda CRV 4 or 6 cyl carries bikes very well, but with Chrysler shutting down all those showrooms you may be able to pick up a pretty sweet deal on a Jeep.

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    Go with the Xterra. My wife has one. Its one of they best SUV's I have used/driven in many years. Plenty of room, many options for bike transport. No non-sense 4x4.

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    How about the Explorer?

    80 mph... w/ Yakima 16s and Thule T2 along w/ family of 4 and 1 dog.

    I got an avg of 22mpg on the hwy and 17 in the city. A lot has changed in these Explorers since my old 1999

    Also I am not a fan of the Nissan's motors (6 cyc). I used to own a 03 Frontier cc 4x4, lifted and it was pretty big POS! Pretty hard to do your reg service on it. For example spark plugs. Nissan sure did good to prevent reg DIY'ers to work on their luvly nissans

    Something to read if your bored :

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    Quote Originally Posted by TX_Shifter
    How about the Explorer?

    Something to read if your bored :
    Three complaints, the last being in 2003, so what. My plugs in my Frontier are good for 100,000 miles. How often do you need to change your plugs?

    I have a Frontier Crew Cab and an Exploder. My Frontier has a way better ride and road manners. The Exploder is better around town due to the shorter wheel base, but I find it a little scary on the highway, too much body roll.

    My family and I have had at least 8 Nissans. Not one was a lemon, all very reliable.

    For the OP, as already mentioned the Xterra is by far the most capable off roader of the bunch.
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