I have a Class 1 hitch on my Honda accord. It has two bolts through the bottom of the trunk (spare tire well) that bolt to the hitch. It then has a tab that bolts to the tow hook in the middle of the rear of the vehicle. Its pretty solid, but has some rust. I scraped off the paint/rust and the rust appears to be purely surface.

The tongue weight of my car is just 100lbs. I'm using a Yakima Holdup (50lbs) for two bikes that total 50-60lbs. So just barely over the limit. I did use a Hollywood rack with a hitch extender (which reduces the toungue weight 50%) for a few years with my 25lb bike. That was probably 65-75lbs.

This hitch seems to be solid enough. However I see they have a different design that bolts to the frame. Its just $87 so I'm considering switchings. It will definitely be better I'd think, but is it worth doing? Are these hitches that attach to the underside of the trunk strong enough? I'll never carry more than the 110lbs or tow anything. This is my '99 coupe beater that I used for local bike trips and trips to the store. We have a SUV with a Class III for our longer treks and when we need to carry more gear.