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    Cargo carrier (hitch mount) as a bike rack? Jeep

    So I'm thinking I can use a cargo carrier, and mount some bike rails that I have laying around onto the cargo carrier. Anybody do something like this? I've seen some bike adaptors for the cargo carriers, but I already have the rails.
    Alternately, does anybody sell (or has anbody just fabricated) a hitch mounted frame that you could mount roof rails to?

    I have a Hollywood hitch mounted tray rack, but it prevents the rear tailgate from swinging open (jeep). I'm exploring several options to get something satisfactory.

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    If you get a new rear bumper, you can get a tire carrier that is bumper mounted and can take significantly more weight. at that point, I'd feel very comfortable adding a bike rack to the carrier that holds the bikes on the top tube.

    I would not recommend a rail based system since you probably want to hold the bikes sideways, up against the body. Rails aren't meant to take much force that way, they are strongest facing fore-aft.

    If you don't want to do that much, maybe something like the Thule 963?

    My $0.02

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    You should be able to adapt it without too many problems. I have a combo rack that I built myself. My rack actually mounts to the spare tire carrier so I can still open the rear door without removeing or unloading it. For some reason photobucket won't let me link to my photos right now...but here is a link to a write-up I did on a jeep forum.

    It may provide you with some ideas. Love my rack...and it works with my TJ and the wifes JK.

    Have fun and let us see some pics when you're done.

    I've since changed it from the pics in the jeep forum...I built a different bike set up so I no longer have to remove the front wheel. But I can't link to pics. Sorry.
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