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    Tern/Xtracycle cargo Node

    This looks very promising. Only wish it could fit in a small enough case to avoid the air travel bike gouge. Looks like LEAP is soon to follow.

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    Bike Friday has one also. I have seen it in person a couple times and think they are really nice. This is a great option for a city apartment dweller who is just limited on space of a the big brother options. I would not even be able to turn the corner on my apartment stairs with a big dummy. With something like this I have a fighting chance of getting it in an elevator.
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    I've walked into the back of my BD more than once - definitely need a garage/shed. I have squeezed it into metro rail station elevators tho. I think if Tern/Xtracycle added air travel packability Node cargo would attract a lot more interest.

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