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    Longest cargo bike ride

    Yesterday I rode from Eszergom in Hungary to Bratislava in Slovakia on a three wheel cargo bike Fanotec FT-9005 loaded with at least 40 kg of things. My ride was 185 km (115 miles) long and lasted cca 14 hours (with breaks).

    After ride I thought about what is the record for a day trip on a loaded cargo bike, especially three wheeled. Do you have any idea? I found only records for "normal" bikes. What are your personal records?

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    I don't know of any records, but that is inspirational. I just bought a bakfiet and I'm already thinking of the touring possiblities.

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    The longest trip I made with my cargo bike (two wheels, longtail) was 130km.
    Congrats on your ride!

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    my longest ride so far was a bit over 100km
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