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    Keeping a covered bakfiets warm in winter?

    Any other bakfiets owners who have a cover for their box and have figured out a way to keep kids warm in the winter without overdressing them in snow pants and such? Looking for solutions for sub-freezing weather.

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    don't have a bakfiets, but i threw a sheepskin into my chariot for my son to sit on (it curls up around his back and sides obviously), that and a blanket overtop kept him rosy cheeked down to whatever temp I cared to dare.
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    No Bakfiets here but I'll hazard a guess anyway.

    IIRC the ways heat is lost are conduction, convection, and radiation. Am I missing one?

    Anyway, you presumably have convection negated by the cover but I bet conductivity might also be a big area of heat loss if your child is just sitting directly in the box.

    I would be looking at foam sleeping pad modified to line the seating area and a down sleeping bag for a blanket.

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