I'm looking to purchase a cargo bike in the near future. I recently had a 2nd child, so the ole Topeak child seat won't cut it anymore for daycare drop-offs. I am primarily interested in the Yuba Mundo or the Xtracycle Edgerunner. I've been able to test ride each, with weight on the back, and liked both on the very short, flat test ride. It was hard to get a good sense for comparison, as the test rides happened almost a year apart.

I'll be commuting with my 4 year old and 1 year old to their daycare (4 miles) then on to my work (2 miles). The terrain is somewhat hilly, with at least a few intersections where I'd have to stop on an incline. I figure the Edgerunner would have the advantage there, with the greater torque the rear wheel would provide. But, is it worth $700 or so more? Also, with the smaller back wheel, does that make the front end squirrely? Do kids outgrow riding on the back of it more quickly with the rear platform being that much lower to the ground? I guess I'm really hoping to hear some testimonials for each bike, if anyone uses them regularly. Thank you in advance!