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    Quote Originally Posted by surlywhore
    Wow, just think of the adventures you could have with the Big Dummy and that boat!


    that boat is a product of my grandpa's efforts
    a "build as you go" kind of effort
    it may look like a boat
    it may have a hull number
    it may have an engine
    the handrails may be rotting off
    the windows just slide

    I've been in it when it was in the harbor

    its massively over geared, so its impossible to keep it slow

    the adventure in that boat
    coming to ventura, visiting, and sleeping in the boat

    i had lived in it for a bit
    9/07 to 12/07
    when i first arrived here to try to help out....

    really its a bunk to crash on
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    Hook the dummy up to the driveline of the prop and away you go!

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    rummaged around thru pop's trailer
    my grandpa couldn't bring himself to do it
    so i did it

    pop left $22 in one dollar coins
    so i went to the grocery store
    and his wedding ring from 1968

    the weather here in Ventura is HOT!

    by 8am it was 80F

    its hot enough to be lazy
    laundry dries right away on the clothes line...

    hot and lazy....

    cool off with the garden hose
    doze off...

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    Why not haul the boat with the BD. You could drag it into the forest and live on it. Kinda like that Herzog movie Fitzcarraldo only different.

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    Hey Devo, sorry to hear about your Dad, my thoughts and prayers from the UK.

    Mike (aka Dr FG).

    If you need some visual beauty, check out the Beach riding thread from the Fatbike forum :-

    Beach/Sand riding picture thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfltroll
    Why not haul the boat with the BD. You could drag it into the forest and live on it. Kinda like that Herzog movie Fitzcarraldo only different.
    that is a crazy story
    so crazy that it has to be true...

    well... i suppose in a micro view, i can relate

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    I'm tellin' ya

    Quote Originally Posted by SelfPropelledDevo

    holy smack!

    could have....

    rode, 1/2 a century (maybe)
    watched a few episodes of Battlestar Gallactica
    3hrs... uhh... gone for a ride and done a grip of errands!

    haul some broccoli
    maybe some squash

    maybe done 2 tune ups...

    but no...

    thanks for your time!
    blows my mind that people actually read this stuff!

    thank you

    .... give your work some worth, man! I'm not the only one saying it!

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    its been a few days
    its been a few times that I've done this trip
    its always some how different

    Ventura to LA
    via Amtrak

    the drill goes like this

    ride bike from Ventura to Oxnard Amtrak Station.

    the weather had been hot enough that I choose to travel later in the day, into the early evening. With the added bonus, of dodging traffic.

    dodging traffic in LA?
    sounds ridiculous, I know...

    as the sun set
    the Metro skyline of LA silhouettes against the orange sky

    clanging along the rail
    as the scenes roll by
    its always a shock to my senses
    my eyes as if fooled by what i see
    my mind squirms, and asks in a serious tone, "is this really what we've done?"
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    this is the baggage car
    where bikes are stored on the Amtrak train.
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    its seems that every time i get to Union Station
    i screw up my directions
    and get somewhat lost, along the way to getting to Wilshire Blvd.

    using Google Earth, i had memorized a route:
    Left from Union Station on Alameda
    Right onto 6th St.

    thats where things went wrong.
    6th St. being a one way, and not in the direction i needed.

    I turned around on alameda
    and decided to stop at a gas station/truck stop
    it looked a bit seedy
    but what the heck...
    i'm a big boy, and i can pretty much tell when something is not safe...

    as i approach, i notice, maybe 6 guys walking around
    there i am, in lycra, on The Dummy with lights flashing, et al

    a scene for sure

    its a dumpy gas station
    one of the guys walking my direction
    as i lay The Dummy against the wall
    walk inside, and speak to the "girl" (?) behind the glass, and ask...
    "is there a latrine i can use?"
    she(?) or maybe he(?), looks at me, in a broken english/spanish accent....
    "ummm... ? there's not bathroom here."
    as she shakes her head, and makes a motion as if to say... "leave".

    i think i had said something like, "really? no bathroom?"
    and the reply, "if you go around the side of the building, there is a door. I do not know if it is open. I open it in the morning, and now the key is locked. maybe its open. but I do not know what happens there."

    me thinks.... ????

    so its a seedy gas station with some trippy homeless guys hanging around.

    i step outside, the whole of the time, i had my eye on The Dummy...

    a guy starts to inquire about The Dummy.
    we chat a bit about the bike
    then he asks if i had a couple of bucks.

    "sorry brother. I haven't worked in almost 2yrs, and I'm really thin on money. I hope you can understand."

    he says something like, "no problem, i think i know where you're coming from."

    me: "when i had a job, and more cash, sometimes i'd give a buck or two."

    so you're looking for the bathroom?

    as I had been looking down the length of the building noticing the last door ajar, with a rod iron security door...

    he motions... ya thats the bathroom.

    me: "no i think i'm going to pass, i need to keep on my way."

    hold on man... maybe i can do you a favor real quick?

    me things... ??? whats up with this?

    i smile... "no man, its cool. really. I don't go like that."

    ya i figured, but i just had to ask... you know... tryin to make a few bucks.

    "not that I'm interested but, so whats you're deal?"
    "i mean... you hang out here, along with the rest of these guys?"

    ya... this is pretty much what we do.

    "really? thats pretty crazy. and you guys use that "office"? "

    he laffs...

    ya thats where we conduct business

    me things.... holy smack! here i am, i guess in the Ghetto of LA in the middle of the night, and this dude is propositioning me, and to top it off the door has a rod iron security door!

    "out of curiosity, whats the going rate? i'm trying to get an idea of it all."

    10 bucks man

    "what?" "really!"

    ya... 10 bucks... most nights i make over a hundred.

    "wow!" thats crazy!

    10 bucks and you get some sloppy work

    that had done me in! i bust out in laughter.

    "brother, you need to change. if you're livin outside along side these buildings, doin sloppy work, for 10 bucks a shot... brother... you know, something should change."

    at this point, i had started to roll a little

    this dude had me in perma-grin as i couldn't help myself...
    looking at him with his stained wife beater tank top...

    the trippy male/female attendant at the window...
    the rod iron security door...

    the rest of the guys looming in the shadows...

    and i think to myself...
    man you better get out of here, before things go wrong...
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    so i think its got to get better...

    i'm not totally lost or anything
    its impossible
    the skyline of downtown LA makes me feel like King Kong
    as I've been reading Gorillas in the mist
    the big huge skyscrapers
    bank names up top
    spot lights swirling around in the distance...
    street signs...
    its impossible to get lost
    my Suunto complete with compass
    dead reconing, i recon
    i know where Wilshire is at
    or should be at
    only if i can find the route to get there

    i guess that is called Lost in LA
    as i meander the dark city streets
    with all the freaks
    some hollar out
    some whistle
    the girls ask if i'd give them a ride

    even guys on bikes...
    like tweaker types
    or maybe just stoners...
    roll along side

    (i know this trick...)

    as i maneuver center street
    motor traffic passing slow
    honking horns...

    "hey guys... how's it going?"
    (acting the nice guy, all innocent)

    dude that is a crazy bike!

    "ya its a trip huh?"

    where you going?

    "to visit my mom, nephews and siblings"

    one of the guys gets kind of close to take a look

    as we roll along, probably around 15mph
    big ring 3rd cog down...

    the guy reaches for the stoker bar

    "dude! are you trying to grab my a s s ?!"

    as i bump him a touch with the big yellow bags

    he bounces off...


    "oh dude... sorry man. sometimes i get a wobble going, and i have a hard time holding a line."

    man, i wasn't trying to grab your a s s

    "oh ok" (in a sarcastic tone)

    no man, really I was just tripping out on that bar

    about that time LAPD rolls up
    squaks out on the loudspeaker

    i act startled
    and veer hard right

    almost knocking over the other guy...

    i sit and chit chat with LAPD for a moment.

    "thanks guys I was nervous with those guys, but having a bit of fun knocking them around."

    ya we saw you over at the gas station.

    "holy smack! that place is crazy."

    do you have some ID

    "of course Officer"

    (spot light and all...
    the full LAPD courtesy)

    Mr Gilbert, where are you headed?

    "to go visit my mom, siblings and nephews on Laurel Ave, off of Melrose, near Fairfax. I'm a trying to get to Wilshire, from there i take Fairfax."

    well you should probably not chit chat too much with these types, you never know.

    "ya you're right... i know..."

    well, have a safe trip Mr. Gilbert.

    "thank you officers, I really appreciate the courtesy."


    making my way, the bums are strewn about the concrete
    mostly sleeping in heaps of dirty clothing
    pungent whiffs of human waste pass by...

    yet i'm amazed that there is little broken glass

    only to realize, plastic has given way
    to that trash
    chain link fences, clogged with bags

    i find 3rd street
    and decide its direction is in the general azimuth i need

    more homeless in clumps

    one last "interesting moment" i suppose
    as i choose to ride the sidewalk thru the 3rd street tunnel
    full of graffiti
    strange liquids stream along

    i think how great fenders are all year long...


    some where,
    some how...
    i pass over a freeway
    on the other side of downtown
    the skyline a light
    as if candles inside termite mounds
    lights pour from the inside out
    windows alight of concrete and steel
    mingle with the lights of far above

    as if to say
    we keep bugs in jars all their lives
    from birth into the gave
    with holes punched in the lids of their jars
    as they look up to their sky and wonder of those lights so far

    sometimes I wonder if we too
    in a jar
    and those stars so far away
    just another light shining thru the holes from a far
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    a day goes past

    LA, to me, such a dump
    the streets clogged with cars
    exhaust every stop

    i choose to hang out at home
    play with the kids
    play monkey
    play gorilla
    toss em around

    hang with my brothers

    Dylan's buddy Ray comes around
    he always loves to ride what ever bike I've brought around...

    Dylan, the Trek Liquid i gave him years ago
    i'm amazed he hasn't destroyed this bike yet

    his dog, Ranger that he loves so much

    a bell beneath the swing arm

    D??? whats this???

    "to warn off the bears!"

    i laff out loud!

    (surely not a UCLA reference)

    i think dylan simply likes the bell and had to...
    have it somewhere!

    he's laffs in beyond so many ways!

    i would not be surprised, to find one day... exactly this, a small bell marketed for cyclists.

    LA has a way of spinning off other people's thoughts and ideas...

    or maybe that is why people flock there...

    i dont know...

    but he made me damn near cough up my coffee....


    in LA!?

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    after a day, or maybe two

    i decide to head out
    my route to PCH and camp in Malibu
    at Leo Carillo State Park Beach

    when Dylan spouts out
    "i want to go!"

    me thinks.. oh man.... well... ok.

    being this trip has been without drama, but with complexities
    news of my father's passing
    my family broken from their divorce
    my mom's birthday 2 days ago
    and yet another of their friends, whom had also passed away the day before...
    so my mom at 61
    battling a cold
    i suppose a god send, her voice almost gone...

    the visit, typical in so many ways...
    but yet, not really upon eggshells...
    i suppose a somber mode

    Dylan and I roll out around 1230pm
    he's got a route
    so i follow
    but i've come to discover, the route, familiar
    and yet... perhaps not really the best
    instead of the gauntlet of residential streets
    where drivers speed way too much
    barely slow for a stop

    i opt
    for us to use the main streets
    in Beverly Hills, we thread our way thru traffic
    its not so hectic as you'd think
    but its still bumper to bumper traffic
    stop light to stop light
    car exhaust the whole of the way

    and i think how much it really sucks to have to endure this crap
    i mean...
    my god already
    why do i have to suck up that exhaust?
    its ridiculous
    and to top it all off
    traffic crawls
    while we spin along...
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    same old thing

    Santa Monica Blvd to PCH

    at least Santa Monica Blvd has a nice bike lane
    and believe it or not....
    drivers are not so agro, as I'd thought

    traffic, is still the quintessential, iconic statement that is "SO LA"

    the last shot
    i thought to typical
    that cars line up, backed up into the street
    of a parking lot
    at idle
    stocking, for parking spots....
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    Santa Monica

    bike path
    under the pier
    along the beach
    sand like sugar
    path super flat
    about 77F
    a Dolphin helicopter fly's by

    i look back
    and Dylan is mid chat
    I can hardly keep a straight face
    as i think of Borat
    scenes of bay watch
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    PCH to Leo Carillo

    the shoulder at times a bit thin
    kind of ify
    the traffic pretty much sucks
    the only up shot
    is that the ocean is near by
    gone are the whiffs of human waste
    a steady sea breeze
    NW winds
    into the wind for the most part

    even tho i had opted for a 1230pm start time
    as we rolled along, before Beverly Hills
    Dylan says, "did you eat breakfast?"
    ya dude... its 1230!

    so i starved him until we were almost clear of Santa Monica
    what else are big brothers for?
    he had his chance, i had even made breakfast, coffee and all
    he should have eaten... instead of sleep in so late...

    at the last moment, i pointed out a hidden burger stand that i had already schemed in my head.

    popped the question and pointing out, in 100 Ft.
    "thats a burger stand. do you want to stop?"

    break right!

    he wolfs down a burger.

    "uhhh.... i want to order 2 hamburgers."

    no no no Dylan, just order 1!

    I'll cook dinner tonight, and we have about 45 minutes to camp.

    as my instincts and generalized familiarization kicks in.

    often i call this "migrating salmon" technique.

    the whole of the Dylan drafted inches away from The Dummy

    with food in his system, he pulled away on a climb.

    waited for me up top, we rolled a bit side by side....

    "on the descents, let me pull, as The Dummy has all this weight, and it breaks the wind easier at speed, once i start to bog down, into a hill, you pull, and let me try to hide. Don't pull so hard, that i get dropped."

    this worked out well...

    until, the repetitive drill started to get old.

    only then... did i point out...

    "i think that big long draw up a head, is Leo Carillo."

    dylan: "what?"

    (me knowing he probably does not know a draw from a spur... save for a class later)

    "you see those cars on the ocean side of PCH?"


    "on our side, in that draw, in that valley...."


    "i think that Leo Carillo"

    as the words hang mid air...

    into a descent...

    "D! that sign... roll forward, so i can snap your pic!"

    Leo Carillo!

    one happy guy!
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    Good times for you and Dylan, terrific weather tooo!!!!

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    Leo Carillo

    last night being the 2nd time I've camped here.

    sometimes my mind boggles
    just a little
    as I'd sit at camp
    roll into camp

    a thought would flash

    sometimes, as i watch the scenery
    as i glimpse down, to see the tyres rolling.

    the old set of Conti T&C's
    i had marveled upon
    the miles
    the places they had traversed.

    rolling into Leo Carillo State Park Beach, as I led the way to the bike camping
    my "migrating salmon" instinct leading
    talking to Dylan along the path
    as each turn unfolded scenes
    as if in pre-cognition
    "spider sense" as Dylan dubs it...

    last March of Last year, was The Dummy's true maiden voyage
    this exact same trip
    however under different circumstance
    Dylan was in the ICU at Cedars

    leaving town, was a bitter sweet experience...
    my family and i, as most of you readers know, I have a turbulent family scenario
    Dylan's throat had swollen shut last year, leaving the doctors the only choice to remove about about 1/2 of the left side of his esophagus
    cauterize it
    the pain would be so much
    that Dylan was intubated
    on Sedation Protocol with Diprivan

    rolling into these exact bike camping spots
    just as in March of 08'
    this time with Dylan in tow
    and a successful 40 mile effort
    even with me being a hard ass, by starving him for almost 2.5hrs before i let him eat a hamburger...

    Dylan's success
    his recovery
    our father's passing away
    mom's 61st birthday
    the years of talks about substance abuse
    recent conversations about to what degree
    all of that

    rolling those last few yards
    with my brother in tow
    i can not express the feeling

    his exuberance
    was contagious

    i marvel at the extremes
    not only the coastal span which the Dummy and I have covered
    but also the Life that has spanned in the last year.

    Dylan is laffs.
    he's got crazy highs, and crazy lows
    its often times a huge challenge
    however, as I've come to know, the bicycle has an intrinsic value
    which fosters self discipline, motivation, dedication, self reliance, confidence...
    and unfolds a path of how to achieve goals
    step at a time.

    this was definitely one of those moments....
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    Leo Carillo State Park Beach is small
    in SoCal park allotment proportions, and especially being Malibu
    being on the coast, with a small valley
    and a seasonal creek...

    I'm betting its a huge significance.

    the terrain of SoCal often times trips me out.

    i mean...
    its so strange.
    for instance there is Leo Carillo
    it has beach
    and at times it very much resembles Big Sur
    the small cliffs, the exposed rock, the sedimentary rocks in the creek bed
    the large sycamore we camped under
    as if i can envision a deluge mid winter
    and water actually flowing down stream

    however, both times, i've been here, the creek bed is dry

    i can only imagine the paradise these places must have been 1,000 years ago
    of course barring the savage reality of nature, grizzly bears, disease, etc...

    camping with Dylan, i'm thinking is going to be hilarious
    he leaves the house with a wool blanket and a blue tarp
    some cotton long john's
    sliced apple, and i have no idea what else
    all i know, is that push come to shove, we can cuddle in my solo shelter
    while feeding him warm tea and Mealpack bars

    however, Dylan is strong enough to take on this learning experience with the brunt of his situation.


    this trip I've decided to leave my stainless steel micro fire box
    the experience in Monterey, at Veteran's Park, with the ranger, led me to think that for sure Malibu of all places

    in leu of last year's fires
    would for sure have a ban on fires.

    I'm grossly mistaken
    i should have called, or looked it up.

    to top it off
    i had not anticipated Dylan actually wanting to go with me
    so I had packed only 1 canister of Iso-Fuel, which was 1/2 full at best.
    me thinking that I'd only need to provide for myself.

    as luck had it, we managed to whisper by with

    we cruised around the campground
    dylan likes to point out the hotties
    at this point we are now trolling...
    and i have to laff, as his mind is so very stuck on "grabbing" at things.
    its all his mind does... from one thing to the next
    grasping and aversion
    as if a monkey from tree limb to next...

    however, i'm greatly entertained with his antics
    and the reactions of others
    as I'm profoundly made aware to the degree which we all are...

    out of the blue he wants a beer
    well...not really out of the blue... is more like... go figure... huh?
    ya... a beer.

    so i tell him... I'm pretty sure there is a store here.
    his expression delights, and he cannot even begin to believe that they may have a six pack of coronas.

    Coronas, camping, a fire, and a book?
    its beyond anything he had ever thought could actually exist.
    thinking that all those thoughts in the past would simply be another pipe dream.

    "well hold on Dylan, cuz when you walk thru those doors, you're going to find at the back of the store a set of refrigerators, and there is a good chance that there are going to be Coronas. Limes? well... maybe. but i wouldn't hold my breath. Coronas? solid chance."

    moments later, i hear his voice inside, "oh damn!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy B
    Good times for you and Dylan, terrific weather tooo!!!!
    awesome weather!

    zero condensation on the shelters

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    glass castle

    with a 6 pack of Coronas between 2 brothers
    cooking on a micro stove
    some cheese tortellini
    Dylan likes to read aloud
    excerpts from his current read, "The Glass Castle: A Memoir"

    we laff amongst ourselves
    as we can relate
    however for Dylan not homeless
    but the crazy pit of a pack rat, hoarding disorder that has occurred at their residence.

    all varying degrees of self awareness...

    two brothers
    2 bikes
    in concerted effort disjoined by 2 decades of our parental influence(s)
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    god provides

    "and here i was thinking of carrying my boom box"

    i laff

    dude, you're nuts
    i have an iPod
    and i have my laptop

    suddenly music blares
    and i mean.... BLARING

    beyond the ability of most cars most boom boxes...

    "what the heck is that?"

    Dylan, "god provides"

    after awhile: "I'm going to go check it out."

    "dude, don't be gone too long, food will be ready soon."
    as I've got cooking duty
    and he's on entertainment detail...

    upon return, it turns out, some kind of running event.

    the evening moves along
    the music blaring
    at times, a bunch of cheers
    to the point where my curiosity is piqued
    wondering... how long is this going to go on

    along the trail in the dark
    we find our way

    turns out to be an event
    Ragnar, a 24hr relay race from Santa Barbara to Dana Point

    we mingled, dylan likes to talk hype...
    more entertainment to pass the time...
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    somehow i managed to get this shot
    an led headlamp, and no tripod...
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    i guess sleeping with a wool blanket
    wrapped up in a blue tarp like a burrito
    is not the most comfortable method

    early am, i woke up for a Nature Call
    i noticed a log still smoldering away
    Dylan stirs
    "Devi is that you?" in a concerned voice
    i guess i could have snarled like a bear...
    "ya D... hey man... this log is still smoldering... with any luck, if you dont mess with it, maybe when you get up, you might be able to stoke some life back into it."

    back to bed....

    early am
    i wake to Dylan snapping twigs
    with the smell of smoke lingering near by.

    i roll over, look at the Suunto, 48F
    i look out the door of the solo shelter...
    "dude, once you get that fire going, try to get some rocks around it, and try to catch some of that heat."

    in the night i had found a nice round rock, just about the right size to heat, and lay in front of yourself, as if Horton the Elephant hatching an egg.

    soon i find Dylan using it to warm himself.
    "devi you're a genius."

    i just laff, and lay in my sleeping bag.

    stirring around camp
    as the sun makes it way over the peaks
    "its going to get warm soon"

    830am comes around and we find ourselves rolling out of camp
    with a sudden "thank you bro, i love you", rolling alongside, "i love you too D"
    we break

    he moving South, and me North

    PCH this morning a strange dull humdrum roll

    i cannot help to stop my mind from pulling to points both far and wide
    i wonder of my siblings, as i can spend hours in worry
    i wonder of my living situation
    i wonder of my contractual standings with SOC, and my departing due to my father's passing away
    i wonder of my grandparents, The Family Trust, if there even is such a thing...
    i wonder of my finance, and The Job Hunt
    if I'm going to be here in Ventura again, as an entire volume of Redux to ensue...

    i satiate my wondering mind, with a humdrum monotone rhythmic breath, pedaling in smooth circles.

    the scenes of Malibu fading past
    SoCal is so very much different that NorCal

    PCH a slew with roadies
    in what i've come to understand in my ignorant, biased mind
    complete team kits, Rock Racing, etc...
    nice bikes...
    car toppers
    as I'd notice their form
    then later notice yet an equal slew of...???
    yes... cars with racks, parked along the road.

    car toppers
    team kits
    rocking hips
    heels that stay up all the time
    toes that point down, round and round
    aero bars
    carbon bikes...
    aero bars

    groups in tow
    as i'd ring my bell
    perhaps someone would lift a pinkie finger from their drops
    at their peloton speeds of 20mph

    often a voice would sound a loud, giving instruction

    and I'd think...
    gee... i wish that were me.
    i miss the Saturday morning ride in Monterey
    i think i'd like to be spinning along in the world of car toppers
    with coffee after...

    nearing Pt. Mugu
    i notice a group pulled over and chatting
    i stop and pick up the banter

    i suppose its always hard being the stranger
    as my eyes, gloss over the Cdale Synapses, carbon Specialized
    durace groupos, ad nauseam...
    commenting on the vast numbers of cyclists on the road
    one of the guys says aloud, "one word"

    oh ya? whats that?


    i roll my eyes.

    i suppose just like Steve Hegg, and the 84' Olympics?

    Team LA Sheriffs, and all that?

    "Lance is the greatest american cyclist"

    what of Julie Furtado? Bob Roll? Georgie Hincapie? Andy Hampsten?

    I'm pretty sure all those results are team results. whats lance doing now? Tweeting, last i knew...

    don't for get Tinker...

    "tinker? whats that?"

    you know... Tinker Juarez.

    and they all just stood there, with a blank stare.

    well... have a nice day. awesome day for a ride. awesome to see so many people out on bikes.


    seriously, i probably saw at least 100 cyclists between Leo Carillo and Pt. Mugu.

    so many, that i had thought maybe there was an event.

    as it turns out...

    obviously the nice flat section of PCH is prime pave...

    for Car Toppers...
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    finding my buddha

    somewhere after Pt. Mugu
    i have this lost, wondering not so great Migrating Salmon directional
    that is...
    the fields, albeit not as large at the ag fields around Salinas
    these fields of Oxnard, somehow, i tend to have "dull mind"

    once i had pedaled past a key intersection, going directly to the entrance of Port Hueneme

    there i am, trying to be astute
    the scene is less than inspiring
    hotels of sorts
    apartments of sorts
    as i ride by, and the less than privileged stand in their doorways...

    somehow, i dream of donuts
    its about 2hrs on the bike, maybe i should think of eating, its still early, etc...

    i recall a Thai, Buddhist ran donut shop
    and my mind focuses
    in my mind i can see the shop

    in fact, i can almost feel it
    that is, recall the sensations.

    just a typical donut shop
    but i seem to remember the feeling of the location
    the layout inside
    the shrine
    some pictures of Thailand...

    and suddenly... viola! there it is.
    my tiny Shangri La

    nothing special
    in fact, the coffee thin
    the donuts... well... maybe at my age, my taste is changing...
    at any rate, i delight in the Thai stuff
    i delight in the family's disposition
    sitting outside, i cannot help but to feel more so than content.

    Lee Lee Donut
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    ventura by noon
    i stop by Performance bike

    on the way out, i stopped by and bought 5
    patch kits, $2 each
    and yes... dylan already got a flat, so i gave him a kit.

    stopping by again on my way home
    mostly to peek at a 29er
    not that i have the cash, well, i do have the cash
    but not enough
    that is
    ya... here we go again

    Dylan has expressed an interest in a rigid 29er complete with racks and panniers.

    at performance i spotted something for under $600. a GT Peace 9r Multi i think.

    i was happy to see me do a once around the shop and walk out.

    rounding the corner into the driveway, i find my 89 year old grandpa has pulled out the Cadillac, and the 2 electric Rascals. Grandpa leaning against the Cad, enjoying the days sun.

    "Grandpa... wow! you moved everything out of the garage."

    ya... just felt like it.

    "really? you backed the Cad out yourself?" (being that he's got macular degeneration, and now blind.)

    ya... i just backed up real slow, and aimed straight back. listened for any strange sounds.

    "wow you did a great job."

    not really, its not straight.

    "thats ok"

    i figured you'd be around today, so you can put it back in the garage.


    "whats going on with those rascals?" "are you trying to sell them?" (being that he's put them in the yard, with For Sale signs on them.

    ya... i figure i may as well try to get rid of this stuff.

    "well, i think its great that you've done all this stuff. the point being that you're out here doing something."

    ya, my mind is going crazy sitting in there on that damn couch, and your grandmother with her Alzheimer's

    "ya i know grandpa. I can only imagine."

    there are things that get into your mind that you're still too young to know about.

    "i can only imagine. you must think about the past a lot, and think about dad."

    ya, thats pretty much it.


    a majority of the day goes by like this
    leaning against the Cad in the driveway with the sun shining down.
    grandpa goes on at length about moving dad's trailer
    we walk around, look at the ordeal that it would be, to clear a path, and what it would take to yank it out.

    as i was making ready to leave for LA
    grandpa's lawyer came around, we spoke for probably 4hrs about personal things
    this guy has known a bunch of grandpa's buddies, all Pearl Harbor Survivors
    and I'm leery
    the last thing i want to discover is some guy taking advantage of a bunch of seniors.

    grandpa's stuff is his stuff
    and i know he wants to be here in his house until the end
    and i totally 100% agree
    i'd do just about anything to help out if i could, or if he should ask

    however, i'm leery of this lawyer
    and what has occurred with the paperwork, titles, finances, etc...

    i suppose once i get back into Monterey, i better find a Family Trust guy and see if we cant get copies of everything.

    maybe the best thing would be, if grandpa would include me in all this stuff.

    its a whole lot of Family Dynamics

    my old man is passed now
    he never paid taxes, he always did the wrong things, and it tore my grandpa up dealing with that, to the point where he aint trustin none of his kin
    me included i strongly suspect

    however, i aint about circling like a buzzard to pick over his bones

    i done quit that job almost 2yrs ago, on free accord, to simply help out, upon his request, only to come fist to cuffs with my old man, as i wasn't keen on dopping up inside that trailer with him.

    im too old for that kind of nonsense

    at 40yrs old, i know better, and i aint that kind
    it must be something else to be almost 90 and out live your only child

    it'd break my heart for any of this property to go to probate
    but if that's what grandpa wants, well then... so be it.

    it'd probably be a huge squabble between my siblings anyway
    its a disgusting mess
    me being the oldest and the only one to be with my daddy
    the rest went with my mom, she been removed from this side of the family for 28yrs now.
    but it aint changed anything for the rest of us
    only in that, i'd be the most stable of the bunch, and the most level headed, i suppose.

    i don't know what to think of any of it.

    other than... if the old man needs help, i'm here to lend a hand.

    thats the whole point from the get go.

    from cookin meals, to movin my old man's trailer out of the yard.

    it looks like i could be here in ventura for at least another week.

    i think grandpa wants me around, but i also know that he ain't wantin me to be broodin over every little step.

    the man needs his decency, his dignity, and his autonomy.

    well... folks...
    thats a big-ol-rant about seedy illicit LA activities in speak easy latrines, to camping in malibu, buddhist donuts (if there is such a thing), and maybe a bit too much about bridging the generations.

    here i am, in Ventura with not really too much to do, other than sit on my hands.

    all the while, without any indoor shelter
    typing away under a fiberglass overhead
    in the dark of my grandpa's backyard, along side of my dead daddy's trailer, that i grew up in.
    and The Dummy within a few paces of course...

    almost 11pm, i suppose i best hit that bunk in the boat.

    "Bicycle Lifestyle, realized." D.G.

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    Good read, Devo

    Glad you had a good trip with your bro.

    Man, homeless guys giving hand**** in the bathroom, fixie riders buzzing you to be shooed off by cops, bhuddist doughnuts ... what a strange and interesting land down there. You can't make this stuff up.

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    Ride 2 Work, Work 2 Ride!
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    So Cal is just good for looking at the freaks if you ask me.
    "Don't give up, Never give up!"

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    trying to give you guys a break...

    so all this stuff...
    believe it or not... is in brief

    I try to give you guys a break
    i mean to say, that the details are much more Adult Rated
    the full brunt of sick society lays right out in front of me

    and after all
    really this is supposed to be a bicycle forum
    and thank you to whom ever the Surly moderator is, for allowing this beyond mega-spew

    today, being monday
    the family lawyer guy, RR comes around
    and we go thru my pop's trailer

    grandpa has got it in his head that the trailer is going

    JT, the family friend, whom also happens to own something like around 36 rentals
    i know his oldest son, JT Jr.
    JT Jr... my inspiration in so many ways, as to the "all pro Hobo Lifestyle"
    but with JT Jr. he's a catholic, and for many years lived in the bushes, traveling from Mission to Mission
    for some years now JT Jr. has made his home SLO town.
    JT Jr inspires me in his innocence.
    as if Sadu... that is from the Hindu
    but JT lacks physical fitness, discipline, and the "techno" to the application

    as to Devo, i had fortified these aspects.
    that is, "The All Pro Techno Yuppi Hobo", complete with MacBook, Ti Spork, Tipi and stainless steel wood burning stove.


    so JT...
    he's got all these rentals
    he's a bit of slum lord
    god help me if somehow any of this ends up in court, and the use of "JT" comes to some sort of slander...

    so JT used to work my dad all the time
    pop being a vietnam vet, never paying taxes, my mom and dad divorced, etc...
    mom ran off with our family doctor
    one day, after a court hearing, LW M.D. goes to his ex-wife's house and blows her away at close range.

    LW M.D. ends up in prison.

    in between all that pop and i lived in motels, a van, this trailer, moving from McGrath State Beach, to the upper Ojai, and the reaches of Rincon.
    all the while i rode my cobbled together thrift store bikes, to Ventura High School
    Life as a Rollie
    (how does it feel... to be so fine, once upon a time, gives a bum a dime, in your prime... didn't you?)

    where my grandpa and JT met and became friends somewhere around 1960. (ventura high school)

    pop never paid child support for my 4 siblings
    after all, pop a house painter, bi polar, druggie
    suicidal, desperately in Love
    and my mom ran off with the family doctor, older and Jewish (mom, Gloria, a Roman Catholic Filipino born 4/48, Fresno, Ca. can you imagine!?)
    living up in the hills of Ventura, in Ondulando.

    not paying taxes
    not paying Child Support
    this basically imprisoned my old man
    his sanction being his dad's backyard
    only by way of his mother's love
    my grandfather, deeply disgusted....
    blah blah blah

    so JT has this young man, a hispanic gang banger, ex-con, homeless, in crisis, JT wants to help him out...

    this guy now works with JT. in many ways, my pop had taught him how to work on things. its just generalized handyman stuff. and ghetto rigged at that! believe me.

    so pop's trailer has become a target
    that is
    JT wants "D" to live in this trailer in the back of one of his properties.

    its been easily 25yrs since I've been on that property, but i still have an idea of what it is.
    and of course, i know this trailer
    as i lived in it for probably 4yrs until i joined The Army in 9/87'

    so here sits this trailer
    "D" needs a place to live
    the lawyer RR comes around, so we dig thru all of pop's remnants of an illicit lifestyle
    searching for anything of importance.
    mostly paper work.

    as crazy as my old man was, he had report cards of mine since 3rd grade.

    pop was really proud of me, etc...

    the lawyer RR, was kind of blown away with so many little things.

    like all the rat droppings in the cupboards, the nests of paper in the back of drawers, and yet there was my old man, holding onto so many strange things.

    as I've come face to face, with a stereo type, the Lawyer believing me, to have not fallen far from the family tree... the contrary to his surprise...

    i can see my grandpa simply wants to get rid of the trailer, and get it out of sight, so he can be done with this lifelong episode, that has been such a "disappointment" as he so often points out.

    going thru things today
    i've pulled some things aside for myself.

    this cast buddha that i grew up with
    it was covered in nicotine, so i've washed it up today
    a set of ivory dominos that have been kept in a pine box that i made when i was 13 in wood shop, Jr. High.

    I've dug thru more of pop's stuff
    scored a couple of bags of Calrose Rice
    a microwave rice cooker (what the heck is that?! i never knew such a thing existed)
    tonight's dinner was a kick ass bowl of rice, canned salmon and some sweet chili sauce
    with some green tea
    and honey!

    also grabbed pop's "lunch box"
    a stainless steel cylindrical, double layer nesting set of trays, that clamp down all together.
    from Thailand

    i've admired it for at least a decade
    pop always said i can have it when the time comes.

    today i spent time scrubbing things
    drinking his Sake
    eating his food
    and taking snap shots of little documents
    like his Motor Vehicle Operator's ID from Ft. Ord. 6/66
    i was there by 1/88

    JT needs to figure out how this trailer is going to get yanked out of the back yard.

    I've told him, "JT this is what i need."
    ya tell me
    "I need you bring around a bunch of the guys you have working for you, and we'll clear out this stuff. then I'd hire Bob Carlson Automotive (where i used to work in HS.. around 85-87), and have them bring a flat bed wrecker. simply drag the trailer with a hydraulic wench, and load it on the flat bed. this way, the trailer, which god only knows who its titled to, and being that its been since at least 85' when the wheels last turned, and being its a 1958 Fireball, you don't want to put yourself at risk, to be liable for any type of highly potential Public Road disaster."

    "that is to say, its a huge liability to drag this trailer down the road."

    "JT you have way too much Estate, to risk on something so freaking stupid!"

    "just pay the money. have "D" work off the debt to you. its what you want anyways... right?"

    oh no... not me

    (the grin of el diablo)

    somehow this trailer has got to move.

    thats my task at the moment

    other than of course, the cooking, dishes, etc...

    tomorrow is Tuesday.

    i've already lost track of time

    i've been sitting here outside of my dead daddy's trailer for who knows how long now
    there's no headstone to sit at
    there's no gravesite

    grandpa had pop cremated, and scatterd

    so i have this trailer

    but it has to go

    as with everything... at some point... it all has to go.

    so for now, i've transformed the physical to digital

    what remains is the time with my grandparents

    and to that extent

    my grandpa has expressed his gratitude that I'm here

    which has made me happy

    as the original agreement was for me to leave for 20yrs
    which i did, + about 14 days

    it was unfortunate that pop and i had come fist to cuff 12/07
    its a Pug's life
    nearing the end of "Its a Pugs Life"...

    tomorrow i need to get out
    get away from the house
    go ride
    maybe a ride up to Ojai and back.

    I've been on a cyber re-con mission, looking for bike camping out of Ventura.
    maybe some kind of above Ojai dirt camping, Matillija, Santa Barbara, etc...

    my Monterey beacon will be homing soon

    from there i have no idea what is in store....

    well... i have an idea.... of course
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    way off topic

    here's a couple of snapshots

    my old man had cut out this pic, of me, from Basic Training, Flag Detail on Ft. Sill, Ok.

    my grandfather is from Kiowa, Ok

    here's a shot of my mom and my brother Dylan on his 1st Bday...

    holy smokes!

    Oedipus complex?


    my mom was 26 in that shot.

    Good Morning Vietnam? god help me!

    that is to say... good thing those combos of manifestation don't gather before me.

    or maybe not?

    confused? definitely. simply don't think about it!
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    got to ride

    i'm a bike-a-holic
    i have to ride my bike
    when i dont get to ride, i get anxious
    i get full of energy
    and it has to go somewhere
    if i dont ride, i get all trippy
    if i'm not trippy enough?

    today was a ride to Ojai

    some pics

    i've posted pics like this a bunch

    Ventura, to me, is not all that great.

    when someone goes on at length telling me how great the air quality is...
    i trip out

    the "wilderness preserve" that is the sand dunes?

    uhhh... i trip out.

    after Humboldt
    i'm spoiled

    i want Elk on the beach
    Salmon in the rivers
    and black bears in the apple trees

    so its a new practice of mine
    that is, to adopt a practice of understanding
    i suppose compared to what i feel is a cesspool the City of Angels
    San Buenaventura, is a retreat
    but my god
    the ticky tack housing... it just kills me

    I'm trying to see the beauty
    I'm trying to see how great it is
    I'm trying to not compare

    its great

    ya... great

    i love riding my bike on a bike path thru semi-abandoned oil fields
    i love those big oil tanks... they are so.... quasi Post Industrial Art

    however, i sincerely do love the fact that there is even a place to ride.

    i feel its something like, Papillion being grateful to go to Alcatraz
    (gee that didn't sound jaded and crass)

    its no real excuse
    i guess i'm going to vent somewhere....
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    the upshot was that as i was riding up to Ojai along the Ventura River Trail
    i sensed someone catching me
    look back and its a guy whom i had seen earlier
    on a Sun 29er with a coaster brake!

    i slow down
    as there's really no need to drag things out
    and I'm kind of leery of this guy
    but then again... I suppose I'm a bit on edge, this trip

    we chit chat and roll along
    when i hear voices from behind
    me things... "what?" who else is out here in the middle of this ghetto oil field bike path, Tuesday at 1230pm?

    turns out some roadies!


    oh great! i love roadies!

    howdy, etc...

    can i drag along?


    dragging along, the tempo picking up, etc...

    "wow, I'm amazed to see someone else out here. Ain't it the middle of week, and around noon?"

    "ya, we work together?"

    "what!? thats great! where do you guys work?"


    ??? !!!

    so there i am, riding with a group of guys from Patagonia.
    (another plug for Ventura... home of Patagonia, and Great Pacific Iron Works)

    In Ojai, i stop to snap a pic of this iron horse...
    some stone work lays around, and i start to read this inscription
    as I read, i wonder, why do i know this?

    oh! Krishnaji! of course!

    Ojai, sounds like "Oh Hi"
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    60 miler

    4hrs & 60 miles on the Dummy

    a buddy next door and i rode today
    Ventura up the coast a bit, then over Cassitas Pass Rd, to Lake Casitas, then back down to Ventura.

    strangely, he needed to drop his truck off at the dealership for some work.
    so we left from that location, and returned.

    a bunch of wind, as we rode north along Rincon parkway, which is the old PCH.

    i shot a pic of mega traffic at a stand still on HWY 1/101 coming into Ventura.
    yup... SoCal.

    Casitas Pass Rd, going up to Ojai and Lake Casitas, yup, its Avocado Orchards everywhere.

    most of the time, orchards are fenced off, but there was a spot where some trees where left to grow wild, up a small canyon and right alongside the road. easy picking.

    that is one thing that i do like about Ventura, avocados everywhere.

    In Monterey, i can hardly bring myself to buy them. maybe if they are sale, but even at $1 each, I can barely do it. more times than not, i simply pass.

    so it takes about a week to ripen if not more.

    avocados and behives
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    long tail cargo bike and longbike recumbent

    2 long bikes, over looking Lake Casitas.

    and avocados

    i get home, to find my grandparents in good spirits.
    just in time to chat a moment, then cook dinner.
    same banter at the table

    some rhyme games with my Nana
    today she was more "ornery" than usual, but that quickly turned around.
    lately they have been eating better, and more of it too. which is great!

    60 miles on The Dummy
    i don't know whats up with me, but I'm tired today.

    maybe its bcz since Sea Otter my training has been shot all to heck.
    maybe its bcz i aint got my "juice" (Perpetuem), running on water.
    maybe its the nice weather, the 77F degree weather that I'm not accustomed to
    maybe its bcz its 60 miles on a heavy bike, complete with DH wheelset, and Serfas Drifters 2.0

    excuses says I

    my Ventura gig is nearing the end for this trip.
    I need to be back in Monterey to deal with things
    then it will be another trip back down.

    this time, perhaps a bit more of a longer stay
    perhaps more semi-permanent

    my buddy next door likes to ride
    and there are a couple of clubs here in town
    maybe i just need to re-delve into Life in Ventura.

    maybe I'm thinking of using The Hunter next time
    and pack various tyres.
    simply so that I can go out and do 100 mile rides, check out some dirt around Ojai, etc...

    maybe The Dummy is over kill.
    maybe i could leave somethings here.

    i had also looked at a fairly decent little trailer.

    that is...
    my dad's trailer is supposed to be pulled out this Saturday.

    perhaps, I'd replace it with a nice one for myself, and maybe i could set this up as my home base, etc... simply dispatch out from here, and get my rides/touring from Ventura in conjunction with AmTrak.

    the thing is, i quit my job a year and a half ago, to be here and help out.
    unfortunately my old man and i came fist to cuff
    so i left

    now that things have changed
    i still have the same feelings, being that i want to be here and help out.

    its just a shame that my finance is now 1.5yrs less.

    perhaps my finance is insignificant in the grander scheme of things.

    i don't know

    i guess I'll sort it out as time goes by. perhaps by July.
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    sunday comes around
    2 days after moving my dad's trailer out of the back yard
    the yard is a bit of a mess, but really not too bad
    1 day spent on cleaning things up
    and a rest day

    grandpa comes around as I'm basically living outside under the patio
    and says, "what day is today?"

    today is Sunday

    "not that I'm trying to kick you out..."

    i know... grandpa.... I'm thinking of leaving tomorrow

    "you're always welcome here."

    i know.. thank you

    "you got work back in Monterey to tend to, right?"

    ya... I have a house sitting gig, and i need to deal with some paper work, etc...

    "i don't want to hold you up"

    i know... its best to get on a little early

    "don't cut yourself short. give yourself a couple of extra days."


    "so what do you figure i owe you?"

    owe me? you don't owe me anything...

    "you know what I'm saying... what do you think is fair. How much did this trip cost you?"

    (in my head, me thinking... OMG... lets see.... almost 2 years ago i quit my job, and on 4/15 when pop passed away, i was mid contract with SOC. it was wednesday, the event had just barely started, and i left the venue to go back to Ventura.)

    Amtrak was $38 to Ventura. The trip back to Salinas from Oxnard is $40, so thats $78.

    (he digs into his pocket pulling out the typical wad of cash he carries. in it, the $240 that dad had left.)

    "here's $100 that should cover things."

    thats great grandpa... thank you.

    "and since you've been so good to us, with all the help, the cooking and so forth, here's a little extra."

    (as he peels out a twenty)

    thank you grandpa, i really appreciate it! honestly. its a big financial relief. that is, its an offset... thank you for the money.


    with that said and done, i start to pack

    strangely it takes me a few hours to simply throw things into 2 BOB trailer bags.

    my mind is confused. I can't seem to put together simple things like clothing. Separating things into little piles, in order of use... this task, seems beyond my cognitive ability.

    the simple task of balancing the weight between 2 bags is beyond my ability.

    one bag or the other is too, heavy, and i laff to myself as i repeat this process over and over.

    seemingly never balancing things out.

    as I'm stashing things into my bags, that I've "inherited" from pop's passing.
    a small cast iron buddha
    5 lbs of rice
    a microwave rice cooker
    an ivory set of dominos!

    an yet... seemingly i cant perform a simple task.

    i step back and start to talk to myself

    "you know Devian, I think you're in shock or something. Clearly you are confused."

    i know, i know... its stupid that i can't separate a pile of stuff into 2 bags of equal weight.


    blah blah blah

    the night fades away, as i re-numerate thru my things, over and over
    in some sort of nervous disorder, kind of way...
    why do i obsess? why do things need to be packed exactly in a certain way?

    as i go thru things, playing out the sequence of events in travel, in my head, and actually make believe... reaching for certain items, the ease of access, the accountability of those items, etc...

    my sleep in the boat, is unsettled.
    i wake up over and over thru the night
    the first hint of daylight, i keep looking at my watch, as if paranoid that the alarm somehow has failed.

    and yet, i still lay there in bed, trying to calm myself, and rest
    but yet, in a confused toss, of time and getting things done
    time and resource management... confused... almost locked up

    i laff to myself


    early start
    everything squared away
    i'm almost ready to roll
    i see my grandfather for a moment
    and tell him, i'm leaving in about 20 minutes.

    somehow, 20 minutes comes around, and i can't find grandpa

    there he is in the shower of all things!
    so i sit around waiting for my 89 year old grandfather to finish his shower
    the time clicks by, second by second, as i sit in the house with my nana

    until finally, its about 10 minutes past my departure time.
    so i go knock on the bathroom door

    there we are, grandfather and grandson
    me clad in lycra, helmet, etc...
    he stark naked, we shake hands, and say our peace...


    Amtrak Oxnard to Salinas
    how many times have i done this trip?
    i have no idea

    i prefer the 9:30(ish) morning trip, as its the train to San Luis Obispo

    the train is pretty much empty from Santa Barbara north.

    its easy

    the train simply click clacks along the way...
    the metronome-like rhythm lulls to be rest
    the moments of Ventura fade away
    my worries
    my stress
    it all fades away....


    Salinas and The dummy
    I'm happy to be back in Monterey
    its an easy ride
    on Ft. Ord, my entire "current mind" downloads
    my prior "Ventura mind" is now a memory
    at first opportunity, i take refuge on single track.

    the coyote i know to frequent this area, just most days, its sitting off at the periphery of a meadow, lupines abound

    buzzards overhead

    turkey trails criss cross single track

    scenes from 20 years ago, when i was in The Army here on Ft. Ord, they flash thru my mind
    as I ride The Dummy loaded along what is now nice clean single track....

    its always nice to be home.
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    lupines on single track
    Ft. Ord
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    hehe Dennis Moore.
    "Don't give up, Never give up!"

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    dummy pics

    here's a couple of pics.

    yesterday i was working on a bike
    so being that i had my tools, and washing stuff out
    i decided to swap out tyres on the dummy and clean it up.

    so here it is
    shod in knobbies, without the V-racks, etc...
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    ... like a new penny!

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    Really nothing,... Denis Moore,... nothing?
    "Don't give up, Never give up!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigred67
    Really nothing,... Denis Moore,... nothing?
    i have to admit...
    who's Dennis Moore?
    i've read around, a little... ???
    so... who's dennis moore?
    "Bicycle Lifestyle, realized." D.G.

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    Good job! Monty Pythons - Dennis Moore

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    Dumb dumb dumb. hehe

    Lupines,... can't think of them with out thinking of that skit.
    "Don't give up, Never give up!"

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    lupines, thats hilarious
    "Bicycle Lifestyle, realized." D.G.

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    is this getting old yet?

    ok... so this thread is over a year old now...
    is this getting old yet?

    i mean, its just daily life with The Dummy.

    so yesterday, started a house sitting gig, for a buddy.

    load up The Dummy, road bike, and some other things.
    this morning early, a club ride with Velo Club Monterey
    so i needed to have the road bike with me
    a couple of Greyhounds to feed, and walk, early am, and again in the afternoon, and/or evening, and anything else in between.

    tomorrow should find me with my buddies, Velo Club Monterey "racing team"
    i think we have a car pool effort to go out to somewhere around Hollister and ride an area called Panoche, where there is a road race in a week.

    my gig with SOC had run amuck my typical training
    then my pop's passing away, has further, kept me off the bike.

    i guess Davis Double is going to be out of the question for me. only in that it's been at least a month since I've done a 100 mile ride.

    road bike stuff... blah blah blah

    how to haul a road bike on The Dummy
    remove wheels, place in wheel bags
    put front end of bike, fork, etc... into a BOB trailer bag, and snap together with buckle.

    i start by placing the fork dropouts into the bag, the cranks usually fit and then i get as much of the rest of the bike into the bag as possible. run the large strap and buckle across the top tube of the bike.

    place wheelset against the V-racks.
    then place the frame against the wheelset
    place 1 shifter across the stoker bar, thereby giving the bike "a hook" to help steady.
    use nylon straps from the frame of The Dummy
    along the bottom of the WideLoaders' nylon platform
    run straps thru holes between nylon and aluminum of WideLoaders
    run the straps up the frame, then thru the handles of the wheel bags, and criss cross to the opposite side of SnapDeck.
    which now pulls the entire load down, and against the frame of The Dummy

    here's a misc pic.
    a deer walking down the street in front of my buddy's house around noon, Friday.

    and a shot of the garage, complete with auto door opener of course.
    I feel so spoiled, roll up to house, and simply push the button on the key chain in my pocket, and door rolls open.

    garage: bikes, and car. lotus elise
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    blah blah blah

    move 1 ton of cargo, 423 miles on 1 gallon of fuel!

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    But we can move a ton of goods with no fuel! Well, no petrol anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfPropelledDevo
    ok... so this thread is over a year old now...
    is this getting old yet?
    Yes it is getting old. Not that that is a bad thing. You keep coming back, we keep coming back. Even if you don't know you have made friends with people that have read this piece. I bet some of them have not even responded but have enjoyed the reading. So you just be you and we will love you the way you are.

    BTW if you even need a spot to crash in Sac let me know.
    "Don't give up, Never give up!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JunkShip

    But we can move a ton of goods with no fuel! Well, no petrol anyway.
    Cool link. Thanks!
    "Don't give up, Never give up!"

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    I have to agree with thebigred67, if you are ever in Chicago you can surf my couch, i'll be following the new thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornwall
    I have to agree with thebigred67, if you are ever in Chicago you can surf my couch, i'll be following the new thread
    Yeah but now that I have a house he wouldn't need to do the couch I have a guest bedroom now!
    "Don't give up, Never give up!"

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    fyi: cross/updated thread at: Devo and The Dummy Again
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    Seems to me I read about plugs you can put in the frame if you remove the cantilever brake pins? Who makes them?

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    Fair warning, that site is dangerous! So many goodies on there!

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