Cargo Bike Locking

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  • 10-22-2012
    Cargo Bike Locking
    So... what do you all use to lock up your cargo bikes? My eons-old U-lock is about to bite the dust (key almost disintegrated today), so I'll be in the market for something new...
  • 10-22-2012
    Got a new Kryptonite for mine.
  • 10-23-2012
    There is some casual bike theft happening around here, but little in the way of pro-level stuff. Shortly after I got my Dummy, a friend's Trek Soho was stolen. It was locked to the same post as my Dummy, and was between my Dummy at the post (when I locked to the post, I had briefly considered locking through his Soho as a practical joke--I still wonder whether that would have saved him the hassle or added hassle to my own life).

    Still, my current locks for my Big Dummy are an OnGuard u-lock of some size and a cable lock I found at a local freight discounter place. The cable is a stand-alone one, and is more like 1/2" thick than the 3/8" that is common for bike locks. It offers a bit more (pardon the pun) flexibility in anchoring the bike.

    I also have a few tell-tales in the bike frame to help prove it's mine should the need arise, and the serial number is recorded in a couple of places.
  • 10-23-2012
    Kryponites are good U-locks. Get as small of one as you can get away with, as bike thieves often use car jacks to pry them open given the space to do so.

    Abus makes some pretty sweet link-style locks that give a bit more flexibility like a cable, but with more security - cable locks are the easiest to cut, while the link locks offer the cutting protection of a u-lock but are too noodly to pry open with a car jack or pry bar. I don't have one yet but plan to upgrade my Kryptonite lock to an Abus when I get the spare cash.

    Bikelock | Bordo Granit X-Plus | The premium product
  • 10-29-2012
    I use a cable lock. Fairly long so I can find something to go around.
    Cargo bikes are a little rare in my parts, so it seems like most people prefer to just stop and stare at my Yuba wondering exactly what it is!!
  • 10-31-2012
  • 11-01-2012
    Small krypto U lock with a long cable for around town, but I leave a big heavy Krypto New York chain lock on the bike rack at work so I don't have to lug it back and forth.
  • 12-17-2012
    All: Bike thieves in NW Canada where I live are not that sophisticated, so a 'plate lock' or a Bordo lock, mine is the On Guard copy, looks like a carpenter's folding ruler, seems enough when paired with a rear wheel nuissance lock, Euro style, looks like an extra brake on your rear wheel, locks rear wheel when you are in sight on errands but don't want somebody to throw a leg over your bike and ride off with it. When I fly my bike to Edmonton or Vancouver, I typically haul a stainless steel 'U' lock with a flexible cable as part of its shackle, called a 'Stocks Lock', no longer made. The stainless does not get brittle at -40C, defies auto-jacks, and is so unusual most bike thieves shrug when they see it and move on. Putting 2 different types of locks on your bike means bikes have to carry 2 separate tools, most won't bother. All my parts are also engraved with my ID number, you can borrow an engraver from your local police detachment.

    Painting it flat black helps, as does parking in front of a busy restaurant window instead of outside a theatre, where the lit sign says you won't be back for 2 hours and can't see the bike! I lost a saddle that way, now have mine cable locked to the frame....

  • 01-20-2013
    On my Cetma Largo, I have a cafe rear wheel lock - and that is all I use.
    The bike is too heavy and awkward to carry off, and nobody around here knows what to do with it anyway!

    For my Big Dummy, I use an Abus linklock on the front wheel/frame, then an OnGuard U-lock for Frame->secure object
  • 01-20-2013
    Leopold Porkstacker
    I have the biggest Abus City Granit-X chain they have available. It’s actually designed for a motorcycle, so it’s overkill I am told. I special ordered it from a local motorcycle shop and was more than $200.00.
  • 01-20-2013
    If anyone else is interested, I ended up getting a Kryptonite Mini-7 to lock my rear wheel to the frame, and a TiGr bow to lock the front wheel and frame to whatever. Seems to be working well so far.