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    Yak/Thule Cargo Box... Any Advice?

    With the addition of dog #2, space is dwindling in the Land Cruiser. I'm thinking a Yakima or Thule rooftop cargo box would be the ticket. Any thoughts on these? It's somewhat concerning that neither company says anything about rain, weather-resistance, etc.

    Any experience?

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    I have a Thule that works just fine. Everything stays dry and it fits on all types of crossbars. The only thing I don't like is that you can't leave it open, and take the key with you.

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    Get this instead:

    I've had one for years. Top notch materials, keeps everything dry (used all seasons) and it's much cheaper. I also like the cargo capacity. Very highly recommend it (oh, and the Sears and Xcargo stickers come right off if you are so inclined).
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