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    New question here. Will a $40 trunk rack make a 1,000+mi trip?

    Buying: Allen 2-bike trunk rack, tension bar, and bungee cords.

    Sticking to the turnpikes and highways. Aiming to drive 16 hours within a 24 hour period.

    (original post didn't reflect in forums, so I cut most info out now)

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    Probably. Once you're up to speed and going straight, it doesn't take a lot of work for the rack to hold the bike securely. It's stopping and going and taking turns that puts more force on the rack.

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    and rough stretches of road. I've done long trips with a cheap trunk rack, but I went pretty much overkill on bungees and stabilizing the bikes. if the bikes move a lot, it hurts the stability and reliability of the whole system.

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    Why not?
    I drove from MN to FL with my carbon SC on the Walmart Bell trunk rack with no issues at all.

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    cheap racks will hold bikes through hell and high water if attached correctly

    even the ones that sit on glass...if the glass isn't cracked beforehand, 3 heavy bikes will be fine

    I would never have done this myself (I use hitch racks) but when me and a pal went on an expedition, we used an old garbagy rack on the back of his subie, and it held my 42lb pugs, his 40lb schwinn, and my 22 lbs road bike no problems.

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    It will work but I found that cheap racks allow for more sway fore/aft especially at highway speeds.

    Check craigslist, I bet there are several Saris or similar racks for $50-75.

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