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    whats a good wobble-free hitch pin solution for Thule T2?

    Title pretty much says it all.
    I recently replaced my Kuat NV with a Thule T2, do to clearance issues on my Nissan Xterra. Both racks have pros & cons, but one area where the Thule needs work is the wobbly receiver (the Kuat had sort of a expanding quill system which worked well).

    My thule came with the threaded locking hitch pin, which doesn't stay tight (I tried adding a lock washer).

    Any suggestions?

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    Flat washer and a lock washer...bolt needs to go in from passenger side towards driver side.

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    Crank the bolt down really tight. That helps. It still wobbles. The T2 is not good if you plan to offroad with it.
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    Thanks both. Lockwasher+flatwasher from the passenger side is what I have now... won't stay tight.
    Is there anyway to get a locknut inside the tongue? That would fix it... or perhaps a threaded bolt going all the way through with a locknut on the opposite side.

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    Put some blue Locktite on it the threaded pin. It's been working on my T2 for the past several years.

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