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    Transporting bikes in a jeep?

    Time to get a new car... I'm thinking about getting a Jeep Wrangler. The two door seems too small to conveniently carry a mountain bike inside. I could certainly add a hitch or tire rack, but... does anyone transport their bike inside a two door wrangler? How? Does it work ok?

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    I used to own an '09 JK 2-door (now have a '12 4d JK). If you put the rear seat down and remove the bike's front tire, you can fit a bike in there. Simple to do if you have a hardtop. A bit more of a process with the softie (you'll have to unzip the rear window).
    Personally speaking, the hitch rack is the way to go. The hitch receivers are a snap to install and less than $100 ( And the racks vary in price. A cheap one will run you about $150 and a good one around $400~600 (Küat, North Shore Racks, 1Up).
    I run a North Shore Rack 4...

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    nice looks good
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    I tried a few methods and settled on a 1Up rack. Fits around the spare perfectly. Nice and tight, and easy to use.

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    You can find OEM hitches for the JK's for around $50 online.

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    If you plan on lifting the Jeep and putting 35s on it, you will have to make a rack.
    I am in the process of that right now for mine.
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    I had a similar question and found out this weekend. I ran into a guy with his 29er in a 4 door Wrangler Unlimited. He had a two fork mounts on a piece of wood and his rear tire went all the way to the back of his front seat. I think a bike in two door Wrangler would require the removal of both wheels or at least some creative wedging cross-wise.

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