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    Thule Short Roof Adapter

    I recently bought a used Thule short roof adapter and I'm having problems putting it on. I have the instructions from the internet, but it appears that the model I have is different from the one in the instructions (though on their website, it says that the instructions are good from 1993 on).

    In any case, the problem I'm having is no matter how tight I tighten the bracket in the center of the adapter (with the fit kit attached) to the car, if I pull the fit kit towards me, the whole thing pops off. It otherwise feels very stable and doesn't have any play, but obviously you should be able to yank the SRA off.

    I ordered a barrel nut from Thule today which, if it works, would provide tension to the bracket and the fit kit, but I'm not sure if it'll work because the older model that I have doesn't seem to have any place to put it. The person I bought it from also didn't recall it having any other parts.

    Anyone have any knowledge about this or any information that might be of use? I'm slowly losing my mind try to figure this problem out... .

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