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    Spare tire mounted rack to carry an sc blur lt2 question


    I have a 2008 BLT2 that I carry on a Mont Blanc Barracuda roof rack but I have to deflate the front tire everytime I load it- 2-3x a week.

    I'd like to switch to a rear over the spare tire rack. My question is, do you have to use that attachment that acts as a top tube to slide the bike over the rack's arms? Does anyone use a rear rack without using that attachment?

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    Some bikes get away with not using one, it depends on the shape of your frame. Do you use a dropper seat post? Speaking from experience though, why not get a newer roof rack that accomodates your tire properly? It would be very similar in cost to a good spare tire rack plus one of those bars you probably would need.

    I really dislike using my Thule Spare Me, and as far as I could tell it is one of the better spare tire racks. I put my full squish bike on the roof- I only use the spare tire rack for my fatbike and my cargo bike. I just don't trust it. I always use a 14' NRS strap strung up around my rear crossbar on the roof, to unweight the bike via the top tube a little.
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    Thanks for the info about your Thule - yeah I have a dropper seat post - I'm probably just going to get another roof rack.


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