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    Solutions for axle mount in a truck with shell?

    I have a Tacoma with a shell, and I'm looking to get a locking axle mount to lock the bike to the truck. This will only be one of 3 levels of security on the bike as it will be locked inside the bed as well as directly locked to the bed with a quality cable and lock.

    As far as mounts go, the only thing I've found that will work with a 15mm thru axle is this Rocky Mounts Driveshaft HM:
    DriveShaft HM- bike racks, truck racks, car racks, thru-axle bike racks, thru-axle bike carriers, thru-axle bike mounts, thru-axle adapters

    My truck has a plastic liner, so I'm not sure where to best mount it. I'll want the bike to be facing backwards, but I'm not sure if I want to drill through the bed and the liner to mount it. So I'm looking at maybe just attaching the mount to a 2x4 that is cut exactly to the width of the bed.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or other ideas as to how to install a mount like this? I'm looking for it to be as secure as possible as I'll be on a monthlong biking trip this year and want to have a little piece of mind.


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    2x4 and the bike will be bouncing up and down a lot on rough roads, especially with it at the tail of the bed. I'd cut the liner, keep the piece you cut out, drill bolt holes and bolt it to the bed, using tamper proof bolts.

    If you want to remove it later, have someone weld the holes in the bed closed. Prime and paint it. Glue back in the piece of the liner you cut out and voila.
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